Understanding Keyword Research

Understanding Keyword Research

Keyword Research in Several steps

Welcome hope is all and well with everyone, today wanted to share a little about keyword research and why it is so important to do your research.

Keyword Research Is simple and easy to understand if you understand the basic’s  also today I will share with you on how to find the keywords on jaaxy keyword tool and how to understand it.

Why Are Keywords so important?

I want to explain why keywords are so important to building your site and getting ranked.  Keyword’s are often used in out title page meta description and through out our article google looks and see’s what keyword your using for your title and meta description , and how many times you used it through out your article and blog post in return google will rank your website under those keywords. Now that does not mean  that you will rank right away because you also have other competition ,so when writing make sure you have good quality content not just focusing on keywords but more on writing a good quality post.


Finding Keywords

I will show you how to use Jaaxy keyword Research tool  to find all the keywords you need to know

first step is to follow along with me if you wish and you can actually try out jaaxy for free by clicking here

Understanding Keyword Research


After you have created a free trial account lets login and explore a little.understanding keyword research


Let Take a look at the keywords tab and you should see a search bar where you can type  in your keyword and look up the keyword to see how easy it would be for you to rank for that keyword. I’m going  do a research on keyword bible reviews and ill show you what I get. If you look below I typed in bible reviews , and if you look its the first keyword and in the bold there is a avg that is your average visitor a month and the traffic is the amount you can expect if your on first page on google. QSR is right next to traffic and it tells you how many webpages are trying to rank for that keyword which there is  several 230  website, so moving on you will see a red green or yellow dot that means the quality of the keyword red means bad, Yellow is ok, and Green is Good. Right next to KQI is SEO  a score based on competition and traffic the higher the seo score the more likely you will rank for it 1-100  higher the better. That is how you use the keyword tool on jaaxy , some other things I would recommend when you look for keyword if you see the keyword is easy to rank for make sure it makes sense  because you retype that word correctly it might give you a different score so make sure when you decide the keyword it makes sense. Some other things as you can see on your right side you can find related keywords to the keyword that you just typed giving you other  keyword  options that might rank better.

Saving the keywords you can also save the keyword you found by clicking the square next to the keyword on your left side so anytime you want to go back and look you can do that.





understanding keyword research


Understanding Keyword Research





Here is a quick list of things I recommend you do to help you rank for the keyword!

  • Include Your Keyword in your title
  • Make sure your keyword is in the first paragraph of your post or couple times through your post.
  • When your writing a post make sure you include a image with your keyword in it that will help with your rank so for example if your using WordPress there will be a option to type the keyword in  title and alt text I recommend you do that.
  • Meta Description is the description of your post and also important to include the keyword in there also
  • But most of all Focus more on the quality of your content because google really looks at that do not put out a bunch of 300 word article they don’t rank as well as some one that will write a 1500 to 2000 words  article

If you would like you can also visit my older post on jaaxy keyword research tool to see a video how I use jaaxy.


Thanks for reading about my post I hope this will help you out with understanding keyword research more and if you wish to leave a comment feel free to do so will be glad to answer any questions.