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What is CPA Affiliate Marketing

What is CPA Affiliate Marketing

What is CPA Affiliate Marketing

What is CPA Affiliate Marketing. CPA or otherwise referred to as “Cost-Per-Action” marketing is probably the simplest methods for a beginner to start making fast and easy cash online. For years, this type of net marketing was thought to be a secret among affiliate marketers that only the big players knew about. In truth, it was never really a secret at all. Most affiliate marketers were way too busy promoting traditional offers for commissions while the super affiliates were cashing in on a whole distinct level.

There is no question that in today’s shaky economy people all across the globe are scrambling to find ways to earn extra income and most are turning to the internet, keen to find ways to make money online. While there can be a great deal of expense and effort put into starting up an online business, there is a simple way to earn money without building a website or even owning your own product. This can be accomplished through something called CPA affiliate marketing.

How To Earn Money with CPA

The first thing that is needed to earn money through a CPA online internet marketing business is to check out the many CPA networks that operate online. These networks function as a “middleman” between the independent marketer who becomes a CPA affiliate and the companies that have CPA offers. Because companies want their CPA marketers to be successful, which in turn will help the companies run successful offers, most of the networks offer free marketing help for CPA affiliates.

It has been shown that CPA affiliate marketing can be very profitable and lucrative for an affiliate marketer, even during tough economic times when consumers are not spending as much money online. With the more traditional affiliate marketing model, this is often not the case because commissions are earned only when money is spent by the consumer.

However, because the affiliate is paid on a “Cost Per Action” (CPA) basis, instead of on the amount of a sale made, a CPA marketing associate can enjoy earnings even though no money exchanged hands.

Many people have trouble understanding how this can be. How can a CPA affiliate earn money when the consumer did not make a purchase and the company paying the affiliate did not make a sale? This is simply what many companies consider to be a fair cost of business and the cost of customer acquisition. Once the person who visits a site and fills out the online form to accept a CPA offer, they are added to a database and become a “lead” or potential future customer.

The company can then use followup marketing strategies, such as email marketing campaigns, to keep in contact with the lead in hopes of converting them into a paying customer at some point. This is why so many companies choose to align themselves with CPA networks and why they set up CPA plans to generate leads for their businesses.

Both experienced internet marketers and novices alike can profit from participating in CPA affiliate marketing. An experienced marketer will likely have an email list of people interested in a specific topic and if they can find a CPA offer related to that topic, then they can almost certainly earn some quick income by sending an email blast to everyone on their list. For the novice, they can set up a quick blog and write some daily items of interest on a specific topic, include links to CPA offers and generate commissions as more and more people start to read their entries.


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How to Make Money online with Affiliate Program

How to Make Money online with Affiliate Program

How to Make Money online with Affiliate ProgramHow to Make Money online with Affiliate Program


Have you ever wondered how people make money working from home? If you have then you are at the right place. One of the things that I want to share today is what made me money online and what resources I used to learn affiliate marketing. Have you ever wanted freedom? Freedom to do what you like to do maybe that is being debt free or being able to afford a nice vacation with you family or just being your own boss, I know working 8-5  everyday is not very fun and being told that you can only have a week off a year paid vacation ,or not enough money to afford food. What ever your goal is you can achieve  and I would like to help you get started in the right direction.

What Is Affiliate Marketing and How to Make Money Online with  Affiliate Program

Affiliate Marketing is a process where company pays you a commission once someone purchases a product or service through your affiliate link. Affiliate marketing has been around for a while and is growing and more people are making money online.

Faq About Affiliate Marketing 

  • Is Affiliate Marketing a Scam? Im here to tell you it is not a scam because you  are promoting real product and service with company’s like amazon, it is not your get rich scheme scam and it does take work.
  • What are some affiliate programs out there?

Click Bank 

Commission Junction

Share a Sale

Amazon Associate

How to Start

Stating is probably the most important step in the processes because if you do not start nothing will happen! Learning how to do affiliate marketing sometimes can be stressful especially if you are just staring off and do not know where to begin. Maybe you have tried but nothing worked out ill share what helped me, if you ever heard of Wealthy Affiliate than you know what I am talking about if not ill explain later in the post after I explain the steps you need to make money online with affiliate program.

  1. Choosing a Niche

What Is a Niche? A Niche is something that you would like to promote for example, If you wanted to promote diet pill’s than that be your niche diet pills.When picking a niche pick something that you would like to write about and promote and do not worry there is a niche for almost everything.

2. Building a Website

If you never build a website no worries, I am here to tell you anybody can do it. When building a website you do not need to be a professional at coding ,because there are  programs like WordPress that does your coding for you all you do is choose a theme and start building your site simple and very easy. If you would like to start building your website for free click here

3. Creating Content

Creating content you do not have to be some professional to write content just a passion to help people. Focus more on helping Instead of selling, your in the business of helping people.

4. Getting Traffic

If you ever tried getting traffic to your website it can get frustration, but dont worry about that because you can learn all of that in Wealthy Affiliate!


What is Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy affiliate it is basically like a university or a collage for affiliate marketing. Wealthy affiliate is online community of great folks who help each other achieve thier dreams. In wealthy Affiliate there is over 10,000 folks with experience and everyday story’s of success, that will give you a boost of confidence to keep pushing forward.

Why Wealthy Affiliate?

  • In Wealthy Affiliate you will discover a community of people that have a passion to learn and help each other grow.
  • When you become a Member you will discover hours and hours of tutorials from choosing a niche to getting traffic to your website.
  • Every month there are 4 live webinars that will help in improving your affiliate marketing business.

What is The Cost to Start

There are two type’s of memberships one of them is free and other one is premium and below is a chart you can find what the difference is.

How to Make Money online with Affiliate Program




Conclusion-How to Make Money online with Affiliate Program

Some final words, just wanted to say thank you for stopping by and reading How to Make Money online with Affiliate Program I really hope I was able to answer some your question’s . If you think that you would be interested in trying out wealthy affiliate for free you can visit Here . If you have any questions or comments feel free to ask ill be glad to answer any of your questions.


Instagram Training For Your Business

Instagram Training For Your Business

Instagram Training for your Business

In this post I will be explaining why it is a good idea to utilize Instagram . Instagram as you know is s huge social media network today. I use it on a daily basis for my business myself.  It’s free, and you can reach out to so many people, just by using target hash tags. How easy is that? Instagram is growing rapidly, has 300 million users, that is a lot of potential visitors, or yours to be customers.


Steps to get followers and content engagement

Great content and the posts/images pleasant to the eye are a must for your Instagram business account. If your content sucks  or your post is bad quality or with mistake you will not get any engagement or followers. When creating a post think quality picture and inspiring content, what I mean by that is add eye catching photos, that will not only  grab the person’s attention, but will be a good quality photograph, giving audience a professional atmosphere. Quote, text whatever the post is, there should be no mistake, no blemish, and the picture should be the exact size as the Instagram.   This way you will at least get other people to like your post, which is super helpful for your account. To make your picture or post good quality, its a good idea to use a photo editor and play with the exposure brightness but not too many filters that may alter the quality of the picture.  Pic lab is a great a photo editor has the Instagram picture size set already. It’s available on your smartphone, free or you pay 1.99$ for them to remove the watermark for your posts.  Good investment and wont break your bank.  The next very important is your content. Don’t be boring, be yourself first of all. People don’t always love people who straight up sell. Put some voice into your content. Speak to your followers, engage them into conversation for them to leave comments on your post. Ask questions, even include the word “follower’s in your content if you need, thank them, love them, show them respect etc.. Your followers are important to you. Show them that!

Contests & Giveaways

If you have Instagram, you have seen businesses and bloggers, who run contests every now and then on Instagram. Why are they so convienient? Because most of these giveaways, or contests have rules to follow to enter. Usually of which are, “like our post” ” follow us” “hashtag our name in your post” repost this image”  and “tag your friends. So they not only like your post and follow you but they just gave you a huge audience! Chances are it won’t stop there! This is a huge strategy you could implement to get your brand out there, beat your competition, and way more.  The more contest’s you do the better.

Using Hash Tags #

Hashtags are like keywords. If you  are familiar with SEO, in Instagram your hash tags are your SEO. Instagram allows 30 hash tags per post. Well use them, and use the most popular ones, to get your post out there. But when using hashtags, make sure they are relevant to what your niche, your business,  or your post is. Also, hash tags stay longer in the system when they are posted in the comments, not in the caption of your post. Just FYI.

Do not give up so quickly, it is a slow process in the begging. You may get as little as one follower a day or not even. But keep posting, using these tips. It will take a while to get a 100 followers or so , but after you achieve that it gets easier. Trust me. Just post and post everyday, proofread and even tag people in your posts if needed. But don’t give up!

There is never a limit to the ways of making your business a successful one. Instagram is a way. So put some work into it if you do not yet have an account for your business, create one. Its free, free audience, and super convenient and easy to use once you get the hang of it. Post as often as you can. The more posts, the more of everything!


Instagram training for your business



The Best Online Marketing Course for Beginners

The Best Online Marketing Course for Beginners

So What is the Best Online Marketing Course for Beginners?

Hello and welcome today I want to share about what is the best online marketing course for beginner in my opinion.  To get started I tried and searched many affiliate marketing courses and programs out there trying to find out how I could start doing affiliate marketing and actually maybe make a living out of it , maybe your like me that is tired of working that same job having no time off to spend with your family or do more  with life only because your stuck at work for most the day. About a year ago I stumbled upon a program a affiliate marketing course called Wealthy Affiliate maybe you have heard of it maybe you have not but I want to talk to you why it is my personal favorite affiliate marketing program out there.


Why is Wealthy Affiliate the Best Course out there for Beginners?

To  Start off  Wealthy Affiliate if for beginners and experts because you can never stop learning your always learning something new on Wealthy Affiliate. To me what really stood out apart from all the other programs out there is the community of people how about 10,000 or more of people like you and me helping each other out trying to be successful online?  That is just one reason why I joined the program but not just the community but also all the training you receive, when you first become a  member you will discover hours and hours of great video tutorials on how to set up your own WordPress site to writing your content  and to getting your website ranked on yahoo, bing, google .’

wealthy affiliate live courses


How to Start With Wealthy Affiliate and What is the Cost?

So people always ask so what is the cost is it free or do I have to Pay? It is free yap that’s right it is free but you will get only two free websites that you can build and you will be limited to the training you get as a free member compared to if you were a premium member and ill explain and  you can decide for yourself

a wealthy affiliate review 2015

If you still dont know if you should sign up or not let me tell you this why not try it is free if you like it great if you dont you dont have to pay for anything anyways , but I really hope I helped some of you on what is the best affiliate marketing course out there. Feel free to comment or leave any questions you may have if you would like to get started feel free to click  Here , Or if you like more info on how to get started check out my earlier post on  Getting Started this will take you step by step in getting started . Thanks and have a blessed day!


Seo Optimization Tips WordPress

Seo Optimization Tips WordPress

Seo Optimization Tips WordPress

Knowing How to correctly optimize your website using your seo is a big game changer it could  mean the difference of you making it on first page on google and getting traffic. Seo stands  for search engine optimization  and it is one of the primary  ways of getting  website to rank on google and bing!

 Tip 1 Titles and headlines

Some thing you need to do when creating a post in your title make sure you have these things.

  • Include your main keyword
  • Make your title interesting
  • Keep your title short  so the title can be included when shared on social media ,and so the title can be seen the serps  (search engine results page)


Tip 2 Keyword Research

When researching for a keyword don’t just look for a high traffic keyword, because a lot of those high traffic keywords are hard to rank for. Here are some things to look for when looking for a keyword

  • Search Volume
  • Competition, who are you going against?
  • Conversion value will it convert well?

If  you want to learn how to find all these thing visit one of my older post HERE


Tip 3 Content Creation

What kind of content performs very well especially when it comes down to seo? If you have been writing content that is only 300 words or less probably  your content wont rank high due to low amount of keywords. A good thing to ask your self when posting a post did I cover everything, so when someone visits my website and read’s my post did they find everything they need in that post or will they go somewhere else to look for information? Some of the good articles and post are 2000 keywords or more, but you don’t have to write that much as long as it covers everything and it is helpful to the reader.

  • Create helpful content with meaning
  • 300 words minimum I recommend 1000+
  • Creating and posting content every day will increase your traffic, the more good stuff you post the better.



Tip 5 Image tags and titles

If you ever posted a image of any kind and never added a title or description to the image  than you should consider doing that because that will help boost your rankings.

Tip 6 Meta Description

Meta Description  is basically when someone searches a keyword. Lets say your website shows up on first page for that keyword and under the title you will have a description of what the page is about. What I like to do is to include a keyword that I am trying to rank for in the meta description because that will help you with rankings.

Tip 7 Links

Another great way to help with your seo is to link posts on your website or blog. So for example when you create a new post about something link some old post from earlier time that will help with your seo.

Tip 8 Google Plus

Having a Google plus account and being active can drive traffic to your site and help with rankings!

Tip 9 Google webmaster tools and Bing webmaster tools

Make sure you have a sitemap and add it to bing and google that will help them find what you have on your website and result in better seo.



I hope that this helped some of you out in seo optimization if you want more tips or any other training you can visit my other posts or sign up with the best affiliate training program out there Wealthy Affiliate  and ill be posting more tips to come if you have question or comments feel free to leave a comment , thanks  for reading seo optimization tips WordPress and have a blessed day.


Seo Optimization Tips WordPress