Monat Global Scam?

Monat Global Scam?



 Is Monat Global scam?

Name: Monat Global
Price: $100 Biz Opportunity
Overall Rank: 70 out of 100

Monat Global Scam



Monat Global  Scam, Monat Global a young hair company that was launched October of 2014, Monat Global is the first in online industry to offer a competitive compensation for selling high quality natural hair products. Monat global  offer a generous 40 %percent commission  for selling hair products and  up to 25 percent commission on vip orders. So  the question still remains, is Monat Global a scam? I signed up as a market partner and gave it a try, it cost me 100$ dollars to sign up came with a starter kit and a pre build website were I can direct  my customers to order the hair products or help other market partners sign up ,and also for every market partner you sign up you get up to 12% commission from everything they sell. I received my starter kit filled with samples and and also a back office with training materials that explained more about the company and the Monat hair products.

Monat Hair

If you are reading this you probably want to know if Monat really works there are a lot of monat reviews out there and a lot of people promoting Monat and it is hard to pick out which is true and which is not. Like most people before you go spend 100 bucks or 30 bucks on shampoo  you would want to know if it really works or not. The truth is that it works different on every one for my wife and me it has been truly a great experience, I am not saying that just so sell you some shampoo but to consider the fact that yes many have experienced great results with Monat from healthier hair to hair growth. Only way for you to find out if it will work for you is to actually try it out and see for your self and if you do not like it you got 30 days to return it!  Read below to find out about becoming a  Monat market partner.

Why Become A Monat Market Partner?

Well here is a couple good reason why to be a Monat market partner

1. The Compensation is very good  compared to many other direct sales company’s out there.

2. The Monat Hair Products are truly great products that can help with damaged hair either you have heat damage or you have hair thinning or other hair problems  it is a great natural based hair products  with no harmful chemical, FDA approved and made in USA. Monat Hair Products is for both Men and Woman, so if you have a great products that already makes a business a legit business. A lot of company’s offer products but if it is not a good product that does  not help why sell it right? My point is that Monat offers great product that works, and you can really turn it into a nice business that you can do on the side to earn some extra income or even full time income.

3. Get Paid 10 different ways


Cons Of Monat Global Opportunity

Well Ill share couple things I don’t like about Monat  it is my personal opinion but some may say different.

  •  Direct Sales-You can not promote Monat by making your own website because its a direct sales, you can promote on social marketing sites but not by making your own site and promoting it that way because it against the rules, which in a way I did not like that because  not everyone has time to walk door to door selling products .



Is This a good opportunity to join? I believe so the choice  is yours it is a great company with great product  if you think you would like to do direct selling be a great gig for you can check it out below. But if you would like to do affiliate marketing you can visit  the learn more or leave a comment and be glad to help you out. Thank you for reading Monat Global Scam.

Sign Up Here

or If you would like more info you can check out my wifes blog and read hear 5 month reviews of using monat hair products



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  1. Hiya, I am really glad I’ve found this information. Today bloggers publish only about gossip and internet stuff and this is actually frustrating. A good website with exciting content, this is what I need. Thanks for making this site, and I will be visiting again. Do you do newsletters by email?

  2. Do you think it’s worth it to pay the $100 to sign up as a distributer to receive the discount but not to sell the product

    1. Worth to be a Market Partner. You have more products for yourself, you get 30% off to any further purchase. You can also sell the products and make some money $$$
      Fantastic ;/)

    2. I am curious about this as well, is it a one time $99? It says you get the website free for a while, then how much is it after that? I see how 30% off is beneficial, but if there is a reoccurring fee then depending on how much you order it may not be worth it to sign up but not sell.

      1. Hello Teresa yes it is one time fee but there is also a premium option that comes available with your back office which is free first month and than 20$ month after but you can choose to use the basic. Like for me I used basic for longest time until I started to make money than went to premium. There is a 20$ fee every year to keep your membership. So to make thing clear here how it goes
        99 Started kit one time fee
        20$ Renewal fee once a year
        Premium features 20$ month
        or Basic Feature’s Free

      2. Hi! I’m a mmp with monat. Yes it is only a one time fee. When it says the website is free for awhile is because when you sign up you get a website with planning table and extra stuff. Honestly I never used that. That is free the first 30 days then after that you have to pay to keep the advanced website or you just go into your website an switch it to basis, which is all you need.

  3. Do you need to order products every month? And once someone joins under you do you also need to place an order?

    1. Hey Mary No you dont have to order every month if your market partner dont need to order at all if you want or if someone joins, it is up to you and as a vip you can push orders back dont have to order every month. Did that answer your question?

  4. If I want to sign up to receive the discount, but not sell, how much is the discount, and how often do I have to order to maintain that discount?

  5. As an MP, is there any way to still get the monthly ‘Only For You’ products if you don’t sign up for a flex ship plan? I’m new to this and i don’t plan on selling, only ordering for myself occasionally a couple times a year.

  6. I’m a MP too ( market partner) one who spent the $99 fee to be able to sell to others, get the 30% discount, access to the flash sales, first to know about new items.

    I actually bought a product pack with my market partner sign up. There are a couple product packs you can buy upon signing up. Each packet had time of products with a HUGE discount price, the $99 market partner price is included in these product packs too. Along with samples, catalogs, and free items.

    Here is the difference between VIP and customer cost comparison.

    Customer VIP

    System $99. $84 (-15%)
    S&H. $16.49. Handling $2.50
    Total. 115.49. membership fee $19.99
    Total: $115.49 Total:$103.49
    **Free gifts, refer 3 get $99
    Flash sales, 15%off**

    VIP customer
    1 x fee of $19.99
    Free shipping
    15%off all products
    Refer 3 people a month get $99 in free products!

    *****30 day money back guarantee*******
    EVEN with product pack purchase as a Market Partner!

  7. Cyber Monday is a great day to join Monat as a Market Partner!! The company is offering 10% of on all Product Packs!!! I’ve been with them for 2 years now and am making an awesome income 👍🏼 If you’d like to check it out
    We have a fun, caring and motivated team of men and women who are all about being awesome leaders and inspiring others to do the same!! 😊

  8. I’m a Market Partner with Monat and it’s been the best decision! It’s still a relatively newly launched company that isn’t saturated!

    Also, for all new Market Partners in December, you’ll get a RejuvaTrio for FREE! That’s a RejuvaMist, Rejuvabeads (split end mender), and our pure Rejuvanique oil. It makes the perfect time to join. 🙂

    1. Those people that sell on Amazon are not supposed to its against the policy and Monat does not sell on amazon. You can report it to Monat Compliance and they will take care of it.

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