How To Write Blog Article That Will Rank

How To Write Blog Article That Will Rank

How to Write Blog Article

How to write blog article can sometimes seem frustrating especially if you are a beginner. Starting out there is a couple steps that you need to do in order to start witting your content for your blog or website. If you are like most folks you want your content to rank on google, so in order for that to happen you will have to find a keyword that will be fairly easy to rank for. If you have found a keyword or something you already want to write about than I would like to suggest for you to read one of my older post on keyword research, and what I use to check to see if that keyword or phrase is easy to rank for. After you have found a keyword than you can get started on writing you content.

Writing the content

When writing content your main goal should always be to help inform or educate a person that is visiting your website, not just to try to sell something to them. Another big thing about writing content is be your self, writing content is simply communicating with other people around you. Below is a list that I put together that I use when writing content.

  • Be your self when writing the content
  • When writing make sure your article  is at least 500 to 2000 words even though the minimum requirement is 300 in order for google to actually rank your content I recommend writing 500 plus so google dose not think that you are putting out worthless content.
  • Make sure you use the keyword or phrase that you are trying to rank for in your title, in your first paragraph, and meta description , and also in all your images because that will help with the ranks.
  • In today’s world most people rather watch a video or look at images than read so one of the big things I recommend to use is video’s and image’s to capture the readers attention.
  • In beginning when writing a post try to grab the reader’s attention so post a video or a image in the beginning .
  • In order to rank on google make sure the keyword that you are using is easy to rank for especially if your website or blog is brand new.
  • Posting and writing regularly well help your blog mature and rank, so when writing  write at least 3 times a week of 500 words or more. Even though that may seem a lot it is not once you get in that schedule of posting regularly it will become a second nature to you so don’t give up because your not getting any traffic, it all takes time you might have to post 30 or 50 post before you start to see traffic flowing in to your website or blog.

How To Write a Blog Article


Creating content can be hard at first but once you get used to doing it  on a regular basis it like writing a small book, but don’t worry it is not that bad even if your not a professional at writing like me since my grammar is not the best, just be your self and enjoy doing what you do and you will do great.  I hope this helped you with how to write blog article for your website, if you have any comment’s or question feel free to get in touch I will be glad to help in anyway I can.