Hosting and Deciding on a Domain

Hosting and Deciding on a Domain

Deciding on a domain and hosting

Today wanted to share  how to choose a good domain and hosting. I have tried a couple hosting and domain providers and ill share 2 of which are my favorite and  you can decide for your self which one you want to choose, or if you already have one that you like than that is perfectly fine also. Before we get into the hosting I wanted to share a little about choosing a domain.

Choosing a Domain

Picking out a domain can sometimes be like picking out what cloths to wear, that was one of my problems I would buy a domain and then decide I dint like it then later bought another one. When choosing a domain make sure it is related somehow to your niche or what your going to be writing about or promoting. Another thing when you choose a domain make sure you do your research what I mean by that lets say your promoting something that will be very hard to rank for ,and you buy a domain and you find out that it is a very competitive niche, doesn’t mean you cant rank just means you will have a harder time getting your website rank and to get traffic flowing to your site. Doing the research is the first step you should take before spending a lot of money  and a great tool to do the research is Jaxxy Keyword Research tool.

Hosting and Deciding on a Domain


Where to get the Hosting and Domain Name

There are a lot of hosting company’s out there one that I will share is the one  maybe all of you have heard of is called Go Daddy, I used go daddy for some of my website’s and that is where I usually purchase all my domain’s from it’s easy to use and they provide great customer service and the they back up your data  which is great. Another hosting Site I use that is free is Wealthy affiliate and it is pretty good also  but so far my favorite is go daddy. Go Daddy also provides other great services like WordPress for a good price if you ever wanted to get WordPress through Go Daddy it is not a bad deal. Which ever you choose is totally up to you I just had experience with these two there are a lot of other hosting site’s out there but I prefer Go Daddy for these reason’s

  • Great Service
  • Lots of option’s from hosting to a web builder or WordPress and much more and not a bad price
  • Your Data is Backed Up
  • Quick customer Service by Chat or Phone

If you ever want a free hosting through Wealthy Affiliate you can also do that they are pretty good and free so if which ever you decide that is totally up to you here are two links below if you want to check them out

Wealthy Affiliate

Go Daddy

Several Other Thing to Consider When Deciding on Hosting Account

Maybe you will see many company’s try to offer unlimited hosting that dose not mean that you don’t ever have to pay again just means you can store unlimited amount of files so when looking for a hosting company look for a company that let you store a lot of data so you will not be limited to the amount of data that you can store.


Today there is a  lot of malware and viruses that could harm your site and your users so  quite a few company’s offer services against malware and other viruses and hijackers from harming you , or your website visitor’s so that is another thing that you can consider when deciding on a hosting company.

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers is basically your own server and you do your own hosting it a  little bit more advanced but that is another option to consider.


After all is said and done I hope you Enjoyed reading my post Hosting and Deciding on a Domain and I hope I did not put you to sleep, but as you can see there are many option’s out there just depends what you want, there is free like Wealthy Affiliate but there is a membership fee monthly, but hosting is free or you can get Go Daddy or Host Gator that is another one  which are not to expensive.