Get Cash Surveys Review Another Scam?

Get Cash Surveys Review Another Scam?




Get Cash Surveys Review is it another survey scam?Get Cash Surveys Review

Get Cash Surveys Review is it a scam? Hello today came across a website called get cash for survey and maybe you stumbled upon that website also and just wanted to know if it is actually legit or not. So I decided to take you through and see what we find out, from the start I know it is a scam only by the figure amounts they promise you to make with surveys which is very high and unrealistic.

Here on the right we see that they claim you can make 3000 from survey month which in my personal experience that did not happen most survey pay 1 to maybe 10 dollars a survey and takes maybe 5 minutes to up to hour to complete and, to mention  you have to qualify for the survey’s and, most time it’s a total waste of time because if you start doing survey and your doing it for 5-10 minutes and window pops up says sorry you did not qualify!



How much do the surveys pay?Get Cash Surveys Review


In this image on the right we see a that they show a picture of them making almost 7,000 dollars with survey! Ill tell you If it was real that I could make 7,000 dollars with surveys I would be doing it myself lol. In my case I have done survey and only managed to bring 100 to 200 bucks month spare cash and a lot of time wasted and not to forget I was involved with 5 different sites that I was taking survey’s with.

Can you make money with surveys?

Yes but not a lot and not enough!





Is get cash survey actually legit?

Well this is what I found if you where on the website and you scrolled down all the way to the bottom where the sign up page is and, saw small text below on the bottom of the page and it say’s click bank meaning that someone is promoting this offer  and making money off of it.Get Cash Surveys Review

What happened after I sign up?

Well  I went ahead and signed up for it and it took me to the next page and it looked like this one the right as we see. Here we see them trying to sell you

Get Cash Surveys Review

basically a list of other survey site’s that you can make money with! When you pay the 74 you basically get researched amount of surveys that work

that is it folks! When I went to exit they tried to offer it for cheaper  27 $.

Get Cash Surveys Review



Verdict: Get Cash Surveys Review Another Scam?

The question is get cash surveys a scam? In my opinion yes but some might say no because you basically pay for the research of all the survey’s that pay and in my opinion that is not something that I would want to pay 74 or even 27 bucks. Get cash survey personally  for me is no use and another up sell for someone else so I don not recommend, if you want you can do research and find survey site’s that pay just by typing it in google and if you don’t know you can always ask me Ill be glad to help you out. Survey site are good extra money but not a lot and most of time you will spend a lot of time  on them. If you would like to get in online business or earning money from home I recommend affiliate marketing. Thanks for stopping by and reading hope this was useful if you would like read my other survey site’s reviews feel free to click below , for any question’s comments feel free to comment below.

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