Finding a Niche that is Profitable

Finding a Niche that is Profitable

What is  a Niche

A Niche is something that you can promote, for example if you love to read and want to promote books than that would be a niche, but when choosing a niche make sure it is not to broad make sure you can rank for that niche. Ill give a example if your doing a niche about books, make sure you do it on maybe specific type of books because chances are it will be very hard for you to compete against other website that already have authority. If we wanted to get really into detail I would probably do  reviews of certain books so it would be easier for me to compete compared to just doing book in general. Whatever you niche is it can be done but you have to do the Research.


Finding a Niche that is Profitable



Is Any Niche Profitable?

My answer is Yes , if you have a passion or desire than probably  there is some one out there that also like what you like so it dose not matter what niche you choose it can be profitable and can be done with a little hard work. Your niche could really be anything you want it to be and there is a niche for almost anything you want to promote. Also if you decide you want to change your niche down the road than you can also do that, and that will not be a problem. When looking for a niche you should ask a couple things how much can I really make with this? For example if your promoting products on amazon and the product that you are promoting is 20$ and amazon pays 4 to 10 percent if you do the math that is not a very good commission you would have to sell a lot of those products to make a living making a hard. When choosing something to promote you have to look on the businesses side of it also.


Finding a Niche that is Profitable

Did You Find Something You Like But Dont Know If you Can Write About It?

If you are like me and sometimes I find things that are really cool to promote but never sure if I could write about that niche  , than I ll be honest if  something  pays good you will find things to write about because, if you start earning money than you will want to write more and try harder to make it work and eventually you will have a  passion that will bring good revenue. You can put it this way if your making money why not write about it? A lot of common question people ask is that I am not a professional writer , well I am not either but you don’t have to be a professional  to write just a desire to be successful.There are some  things you need to consider when you do choose a niche!

  • Can you write 50 or 100 posts about that niche that is well researched and has quality content ?
  • Is there a  need for information for that Niche ?
  • How competitive is that Niche.


I hope you enjoyed this post and hope it was helpful if you have any question’s or comment  ask below , and here is a list of some places where you can start looking to promote products and starting to finding your niche that you would like to promote. Thanks again for reading Finding a Niche that is Profitable


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