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Nevetica Review

Nevetica Review

Total Score 6/10

Cost To Join $199

Nevetica a ground floor opportunity in the pet industry that launched in 2019 by the founder Dr. Lance London wanting to help parents with pets to provide the best care for their pets and bring quality products to the marketplace.
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IS Nevetica a Scam

A question that most people might ask if Nevetica is a scam or not? Looking at Nevetica and their products I would say that Nevetica Is not a Scam, but Nevetica is a mlm, and they do offer an opportunity to earn money by selling and promoting their products to others. The cost to join is around 200 bucks to get started with promoting and you need to have some one to sign up under otherwise you cant get signed up.

Nevetica Products

Nevetica offers quite a bit of different products for your pet

  • One of the product category are oral care.
  • Vitamins for your pet
  • Hip and joint support
  • Digestive health
  • There are also bundles available

Nevetica Pet Assessment is also available to those that need it to see which products would be good for your pet.

Pros and Cons

The Good

  • Products that are needed
  • Great Opportunity to earn income if you are passionate about pets.
  • Ground Floor Opportunity

The Bad

  • Price to join Nevetica as a business partner little pricey

Nevetica Compensation Plan

Like I said earlier for those that are interested in promoting Nevetica products and earning money full time or part time you will be able to earn commissions for doing so. Below are they ways you can make money with Nevetica

Final Verdict

To finish off I wanted to say if you are looking for a way to make money online than this might be for you if you have had experience in the past with mlm or direct sales. On the other hand if you do not have much experience it might be little hard promoting the products but I will let you decide. Overall I will say it is not a bad opportunity. If you are interested in learning how to make money online promoting affiliate products than Ill recommend a free course that you can check out in my older blog posts

Learn How To Make Money From Affiliate Marketing

Monat Hair Products

Monat Hair Products

Monat Hair is a global leader in the production of highly innovative and effective hair products. Since its establishment back in 2014, Monat Hair has attracted global attention due to their unique hair care products. Besides, Trademark Beauty products do not use conventional hair care ingredients. All their products consist of active ingredients that have undergone highly advanced processes and years of research. It is not surprising that Monat Hair is the current leader in the line of hair care products.

Indeed, many hair products do exist – see the page, in an already saturated industry. However, nothing beats the innovativeness and effectiveness of Monat Hair products. In essence, what makes Monat different is its emphasis on the use of natural ingredients in all their beauty products. The science behind Monat products relies on four rich formulations that include Rejuveniqe Oil Intensive, Capixyl, Procataline and Crodasorb. You will not find any harmful components in Monat products. Moreover, all Monat products are consumable.

Monat Hair Products


Most hair products promise similar desirable results, but nothing works as well as Monat hair products.The following are reasons why:

Monat hair products helps to prevent hair loss and maintain a healthy scalp. The Procataline ingredient found in Monat products reduce fiber breakage by sustaining optimal levels of antioxidants that play a critical role in fighting premature hair loss. Using Monat beauty products gives you the freedom to manage your hair and achieve the shine that you have always yearned for. This gives you a new and refreshing look.

What stands out about Monat products is the way it handles environmental effects as well. Monat hair products provide protection against ultraviolet rays, which might cause damage not only to the hair, but also to the scalp. The Crodasorb ingredient plays a crucial role in preventing Ultra Violet damage.

The effects of aging not only lead to hair loss, but also cause the degradation of the scalp. Monat products seek to increase skin collagen around the scalp to help produce hair follicles that prevent hair loss. These products also strengthen hair by improving hair anchoring.


The financial implications of using Monat hair products is what makes it quite popular among users. You can save a lot of money through their retail offers, by becoming a VIP member or by promoting their products as a market partner. Whichever option you choose, Monat provides customers with numerous opportunities of making money. Here are the three ways that you can save money with Monat Hair

1. Monat Retail Plan
As a regular customer, Monat offers attractive retail discounts to clients who purchase through their market partners or directly from the company. To enjoy retail offers, you have to pay the retail price in full. Discounts may come in the form of free shipping and free samples

2. Monat VIP Plan
Another way to enjoy Monat products is by joining their VIP program. You can become a VIP member by paying a one-time fee of $19.99 USD or $24.95 CAD. This program offers attractive discounts of up to 15% to members. For you to qualify for VIP benefits, you have to maintain an active status, which involves committing to three flexship orders. Upon enrollment, you have to place an initial order of $84, which serves as the first qualifying flexship order. You can place subsequent flexship orders at anytime, as there is no definite deadline to place orders. Here are the benefits of VIP membership:

• 15% discount on all Monat hair products
• Free shipping with the Monat Special Delivery (MSD) Program
• Members receive redeemable bonus points for future orders
• Free products with every Flexship order

3. Market Partner
Are you interested in being part of something special? Monat offers clients an opportunity to become market partners. This means that you can easily supplement your income by starting a home business selling Monat products. Market partners receive attractive commissions and discounts of between 30% and 40%. To get started, you need to invest as little as $99.

Becoming a market partner is not about making money only, but also making a difference in the lives of others. Additionally, Monat encourages the use of social marketing, which is more successful in realizing direct sales. If you love great hair, then you know the feeling people get during those bad hair days. Help others overcome their hair challenges, by becoming a Monat market partner.


• Free Training
You do not have business qualifications to become a market partner. With proper training, you can be just as good as other astute business persons. As a market partner, you will receive free training on the best ways to exploit your new status. Monat will show you how to promote your products and how to retain and attract new customers. This will help sustain your new home business.

Free Business Website
You are entitled to a free website, once you sign up as a market partner. This website will help you market Monat products 24/7, and makes sales and ordering easy. You will have total control over the website, giving you the freedom to choose what products to promote.

High Commissions
Monat pays highly attractive commissions, and that is why more people are signing up as market partners. As a market partner, you are entitled to up to 40% commissions on retails sales, and 15% discounts off VIP prices.

No Inventory required
You do not have to own an inventory, to become a market partner. In fact, you do not even need a conventional brick and mortar store to sell Monat products. Your free e-commerce website is all you need to facilitate ordering and sales. Monat will subsequently ship the product to respective customers.

Incentives to top salespersons
Top sellers receive gifts and prizes in recognition of their exemplarily work. Prizes include vacation trips and other fabulous prizes.

Freedom to access web-based materials
Monat keeps all their partners and customers informed on new releases and any new developments. Market partners can access physical and web-based materials from Monat without any restrictions.

Enhanced Market Presence
The essence of joining Monat family is that you can easily enhance your market presence both locally and globally. Monat provides you with an opportunity to network with other business partners, and create lasting business relationships with your customers.

Monat Hair is not about changing people’s hair only, but also transforming people’s lives. Monat fills the void in the hair industry to help make a difference in people’s lives. Every time you purchase a Monat product through market partners, you are not only empowering the salesperson, but also enhancing the health of your hair. There is something for everyone at Monat Hair.

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Things to know about MLM

Things to know about MLM

Things to know about MLM

Multi Level Marketing (MLM) has several names. It is also known as network marketing or pyramid selling. This type of marketing means that distributers sell products by word of mouth, speaking with friends, family and strangers. The distributers then try to encourage others to become distributers as well. They are motivated to do so by high compensation for achieving another distributer to join the company. There are many MLM companies that are quite successful and well-known such as Avon and Tupperware. It can be a great way to make an income on the side while some are able to do very well through these companies. However, there are some important things to know about MLM for those considering joining a company. Before considering joining an MLM company, be sure you’ve checked out the following:
Product Be sure there’s an actual product that you can sell and that it’s one you would use yourself. If you use it, it will be easier for you to sell.
Reputation Sniff around and see what the company’s reputation is like. You’ll want to be sure that the company is well established and successful and not a scam.
Other things to know about MLM are the pros and cons. There are pluses and negatives to joining this business venture that potential candidates should consider:
On the plus side:

Work from home

You’ll likely be able to work a lot from home and set your own hours. If you plan to run a website to promote your business, you can do this from home. Although you’ll probably have to go out to make some sales, you’re still the boss of you.
Start-up costs low Because you’re joining a company, most of the infrastructure has been set up. You’ll be given the tools you need to sell, as well as advice.
Online options Many MLMs offer websites and online selling as well. This widens your customer base and gives you a way to keep in contact with your buyers.
Established product By joining an MLM, you gain the benefits of their past experience. Rather than doing market research and beginning your own company with your own product, you get to sell one that has already been tested.
On the negative side:


You may have to compete with many other local sellers for clients. This means that you’ll have to work very hard to differentiate yourself and stand out from the crowd of sellers offering the same product.
Rejection Some MLM sellers suffer with the rejection that goes along with this sort of job. Inevitably, the majority of contacts you make will not result in a sale. You’ll have to work hard to overcome rejection and continue promoting your product to make sales.

Hard work

MLMs may give people the impression that it’s easy money because so much of the set-up work has already been done for you. It’s not. Successful MLM members are motivated and push through difficult situations and all of the rejection mentioned above.


In MLM there are a lot of pluses and minuses some pluses and minuses that were stated above but also a lot of scam and more and more company being shutdown because they are not legit and people loss a lot of hard worked money and time a lot of time’s so when looking for a MLM make sure it has good reputation and a products that is actually a good products that you can promote and make money. Those are just some tips that I recommend , but if you want a safer route you can do affiliate marketing and you can find more info how to start online affiliate business in my older posts.