Big Spot Survey Scam Exposed

Big Spot Survey Scam Exposed

Is Big Spot Survey Scam?

Today want to share with you a walk through of big spot where I will sign up and show you around, and even though I know I will get spammed because most of the survey site out there do that but I will still go ahead and do it so you wont have.

Here  is the Big Spot Sign up Page and there is actually two diffrent website’s if you have noticed oneBig Spot Survey Scam

is and other one is , right from here I can tell you that big spot is a scam or just made to collect your email so they can spam you or sell your email address to other company’s and you will get even more spam.

big spot survey scam




Big Spot Survey Exposed

Ill show you what I discovered when I signed up and this is what I expected from this.big spot survey scam

As you can see when you sign up it just gives you a list of other survey sites that you can sign up for, so my question is what was the point of me sign up?

Answer: Well as I mentioned earlier the whole point of you signing up is so you can give them your email and get spammed.


Tips on joining internet Survey Site

Maybe you have read my earlier post on cash 4 survey review  ,and I gave some tips on survey’s but if not Ill still mention some  pros and cons about making money with online survey’s


  • You can actually make money doing online survey’s


  • Most survey site that you join will spam your email and I am talking from experience,I tried doing survey’s  for about a  year before I quit and got a real job.
  • Most people think that you can make a good amount of money with online survey’s and ill be honest  it iss very hard to earn any income online with survey’s. My personal earnings averaged 50 to sometimes 200 bucks a month!
  • Time you will waste a lot of time because most survey’s you take you have to qualify, and you wont know until like 5 or 10 minutes into the survey and then window show’s up saying you did not qualify. From my personal experience earning money with survey’s was very time consuming and little or no earning’s.
  • The amount of survey’s you get on a survey site is about 2-5 average  and most average anywhere from 1-5 dollars a survey with anywhere 5 to 30 minutes even an hour sometimes. In order for you to make any money you have to join 5 if not more survey site’s so you be getting constant amount of work flowing.


Verdict Big Spot Survey Scam

To finish up on big spot survey it is another spam website I do not recommend joining. There are legit survey site’s but the earning will not be enough to make a living, my personal recommendation is to start an online business like affiliate marketing, where with hard work you can make a good living if you desire.Ways to get started in Affiliate Marketing is to find good online learning platform like Wealthy Affiliate ,where you can learn step by step process creating your website and getting it ranked. Other option you can always find free resources on my website on how to start affiliate business. Hope this answer some of your question’s, if not feel free to ask.