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Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday 2015

Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday 2015

What is the Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Deal

Hello folks I wanted to share about Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday! If you been on my blog and read my posts about Wealthy Affiliate then you already know what Wealthy Affiliate is. If you have not then I will shortly explain what Wealthy Affiliate is and what to expect this Black Friday, so keep reading. Wealthy Affiliate is the most advanced and up to date learning platform for online marketers, if you ever struggled to learn online or affiliate marketing, building a website and getting it ranked, or maybe trying to learn SEO– then Wealthy Affiliate is the best option out there for that. Wealthy Affiliate offers  hundreds of online courses covering how to build a website step by step and you also learn to do all of this and much more.

  • Learn how to build website
  • Learn SEO
  • Find out how to write content that converts
  • Learn how to create a successful Pay Per Click Ad

If That Is Not Enough Let me Break it Down:

What You Receive When You Become a Member

When you become a Premium Member with Wealthy Affiliate you will receive

  • Hours and hours of step by step tutorials on how to build a successful online business
  • Learn from the experts, by that I mean folks that have been in the market bussiness for a long time, folks that are succesful and they know the in’s and the out’s; something that other online platforms do not offer, in most cases you will spend hundreds if not thousands trying to get a one on one conversation from a professional.
  • Wealthy Affiliate has a great big friendly community that help each other learn to be successful online. Every day members share their stories and techniques how they earn their income, from rags to riches for many of them, thanks to the Wealthy Affiliate and its great community.
  • Live training -learn and stay up to date with great and new training every week to keep you  ahead of your competition.
  • Wealthy Affiliate also offer a great affiliate program for those that are interested.

What is The Cost and What is the Black Friday Deal?

You have two choices. You can sign up for the free trial to try it out and see if you like it, I am sure you will love it but here is the real deal. This Black Friday Wealthy Affiliate is offering a special offer: you can get a one year Membership for 299$ that is $24.91 per month for Premium access here at WA! (compared to regular pricing: 19$ for the first month, and then $47 for every month after that) That is a 53%  percent discount, this kind of deal almost never happens, so it is THE time to sign up and build your business with Wealthy Affiliate. Almost forgot to mention, there is a bonus for those folks that decide to sign up now, but that will be announced later. Below I included a comparison of the free and the premium memberships, so have a look and decide for yourself.

Conclusion: Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday  2015

To Wrap things up  you will be able to take advantage of this Black Friday deal on November 27, that is this friday ONLY . If you you are undecided you can read my honest review of Wealthy Affiliate here.

If you have any question’s or comments feel free to ask and comment below. Will be glad to answer any question’s you might have. If you decide to Sign up you can do so by clicking the banner in the beginning of my post.

What is CPA Affiliate Marketing

What is CPA Affiliate Marketing

What is CPA Affiliate Marketing

What is CPA Affiliate Marketing. CPA or otherwise referred to as “Cost-Per-Action” marketing is probably the simplest methods for a beginner to start making fast and easy cash online. For years, this type of net marketing was thought to be a secret among affiliate marketers that only the big players knew about. In truth, it was never really a secret at all. Most affiliate marketers were way too busy promoting traditional offers for commissions while the super affiliates were cashing in on a whole distinct level.

There is no question that in today’s shaky economy people all across the globe are scrambling to find ways to earn extra income and most are turning to the internet, keen to find ways to make money online. While there can be a great deal of expense and effort put into starting up an online business, there is a simple way to earn money without building a website or even owning your own product. This can be accomplished through something called CPA affiliate marketing.

How To Earn Money with CPA

The first thing that is needed to earn money through a CPA online internet marketing business is to check out the many CPA networks that operate online. These networks function as a “middleman” between the independent marketer who becomes a CPA affiliate and the companies that have CPA offers. Because companies want their CPA marketers to be successful, which in turn will help the companies run successful offers, most of the networks offer free marketing help for CPA affiliates.

It has been shown that CPA affiliate marketing can be very profitable and lucrative for an affiliate marketer, even during tough economic times when consumers are not spending as much money online. With the more traditional affiliate marketing model, this is often not the case because commissions are earned only when money is spent by the consumer.

However, because the affiliate is paid on a “Cost Per Action” (CPA) basis, instead of on the amount of a sale made, a CPA marketing associate can enjoy earnings even though no money exchanged hands.

Many people have trouble understanding how this can be. How can a CPA affiliate earn money when the consumer did not make a purchase and the company paying the affiliate did not make a sale? This is simply what many companies consider to be a fair cost of business and the cost of customer acquisition. Once the person who visits a site and fills out the online form to accept a CPA offer, they are added to a database and become a “lead” or potential future customer.

The company can then use followup marketing strategies, such as email marketing campaigns, to keep in contact with the lead in hopes of converting them into a paying customer at some point. This is why so many companies choose to align themselves with CPA networks and why they set up CPA plans to generate leads for their businesses.

Both experienced internet marketers and novices alike can profit from participating in CPA affiliate marketing. An experienced marketer will likely have an email list of people interested in a specific topic and if they can find a CPA offer related to that topic, then they can almost certainly earn some quick income by sending an email blast to everyone on their list. For the novice, they can set up a quick blog and write some daily items of interest on a specific topic, include links to CPA offers and generate commissions as more and more people start to read their entries.


Learn about other business Ideas

Low Start Up Cost Home Business Ideas

Low Start Up Cost Home Business Ideas

Low Start Up Business Working From Home

Today wanted to share with you a quick post on low start up cost home business Ideas that you can start for a very low . Starting a business can be very frustrating especially if you are investing a lot of money and not really making anything, a  lot of website’s try and offer deals like get rich quick. I am here to tell you that wont happen unless you win the lottery. Starting an online business takes time most of all not as much cost but more of your time, it could be time from your family or time that you squeeze out in your day  whatever it is the biggest price you will pay is time. Time is the most biggest commodity on earth because  our days are very short on the planet one day were here and another day were gone. Life will fly by so quick that we don’t realize it especially if we spend it all in a 8-5 job schedule.

Don’t Be Afraid to Start!

One of the biggest reason’s people fail in online business is the fact that they never started or the quite to quick right before something even happened. I am now 23 years old and I wish I start doing online business when I was still in high school, because I would have been way further. The biggest regret you might have is not starting something you wanted to, because after all said and done time is not on our side. You will have to start to become awesome or amazing, to reach your goals you will have to work hard if either it to spend more time with family, have money for retirement and not live pay check to paycheck loaded with debt that you can not get out of (although, of course, it’s a different matter if you’ve got the best iva with you).

What is the  lowest start up business online?

You folks probably all heard of affiliate marketing, if you did not than I will explain. Affiliate marketing  is the process where company’s pay commission to people like me and you to advertise there product on your website or social media and get paid if someone buy’s through your affiliate link. Commission can vary from 4 percent all the way up to 100 Percent depending what you are promoting.

How much does it cost to start Affiliate Marketing?

To start affiliate marketing it is free, what is not free is domain and maybe hosting depending where you want to go with that, but to start affiliate marketing you can start for free  even get a free WordPress site through some programs you can read more here how you can do that FREE WEB BUILDER.

Some cost like buying a domain which if you are going to be serious about earning a income in affiliate marketing than sooner or later you will have to get a domain, and typically they range from 3 buck and up depending where you buy it.

  • Go Daddy

I prefer Go Daddy easy to use and never had problem with them .

Hosting is another cost that you will have to consider about and like me I use go daddy or wealthy affiliate hosting go daddy is about 6 bucks a month for hosting with my WordPress account and wealthy affiliate is free if you are a member and you can find out more info about HOSTING HERE


To wrap up my post time is precious and what you do with is you’r choice, and for online business  affiliate marketing will be your best and lowest business start up, and will cost you only about 10-20 buck a year for domain , and hosting 6 bucks month and free if you have wealthy affiliate Premium account,and you can read more about wealthy affiliate and what it is all about Wealthy Affiliate. I hope this will help you out  and if not you can read my other post on Low start up Biz Ideas. If you have any question’s or comment feel free to comment will be glad to help and thanks again for reading  Low Start Up Cost Home Business Ideas.

Things to know about MLM

Things to know about MLM

Things to know about MLM

Multi Level Marketing (MLM) has several names. It is also known as network marketing or pyramid selling. This type of marketing means that distributers sell products by word of mouth, speaking with friends, family and strangers. The distributers then try to encourage others to become distributers as well. They are motivated to do so by high compensation for achieving another distributer to join the company. There are many MLM companies that are quite successful and well-known such as Avon and Tupperware. It can be a great way to make an income on the side while some are able to do very well through these companies. However, there are some important things to know about MLM for those considering joining a company. Before considering joining an MLM company, be sure you’ve checked out the following:
Product Be sure there’s an actual product that you can sell and that it’s one you would use yourself. If you use it, it will be easier for you to sell.
Reputation Sniff around and see what the company’s reputation is like. You’ll want to be sure that the company is well established and successful and not a scam.
Other things to know about MLM are the pros and cons. There are pluses and negatives to joining this business venture that potential candidates should consider:
On the plus side:

Work from home

You’ll likely be able to work a lot from home and set your own hours. If you plan to run a website to promote your business, you can do this from home. Although you’ll probably have to go out to make some sales, you’re still the boss of you.
Start-up costs low Because you’re joining a company, most of the infrastructure has been set up. You’ll be given the tools you need to sell, as well as advice.
Online options Many MLMs offer websites and online selling as well. This widens your customer base and gives you a way to keep in contact with your buyers.
Established product By joining an MLM, you gain the benefits of their past experience. Rather than doing market research and beginning your own company with your own product, you get to sell one that has already been tested.
On the negative side:


You may have to compete with many other local sellers for clients. This means that you’ll have to work very hard to differentiate yourself and stand out from the crowd of sellers offering the same product.
Rejection Some MLM sellers suffer with the rejection that goes along with this sort of job. Inevitably, the majority of contacts you make will not result in a sale. You’ll have to work hard to overcome rejection and continue promoting your product to make sales.

Hard work

MLMs may give people the impression that it’s easy money because so much of the set-up work has already been done for you. It’s not. Successful MLM members are motivated and push through difficult situations and all of the rejection mentioned above.


In MLM there are a lot of pluses and minuses some pluses and minuses that were stated above but also a lot of scam and more and more company being shutdown because they are not legit and people loss a lot of hard worked money and time a lot of time’s so when looking for a MLM make sure it has good reputation and a products that is actually a good products that you can promote and make money. Those are just some tips that I recommend , but if you want a safer route you can do affiliate marketing and you can find more info how to start online affiliate business in my older posts.

Free WordPress Site Builder

Free WordPress Site Builder

Need a Free WordPress Site to Start Your Business?

Today I will do a small lesson or a walk through on how you can get free WordPress site builder or a WordPress site with free hosting. If that sound’s good to you than keep reading.

Ill start talking about some free WordPress site’s or blog site’s that you can start for free.

First one up is Site Rubix,  it is one of my favorite’s when coming to free and with all the available themes to start you off with.  As you know if you get just a regular WordPress site through WordPress the limit to what kind of themes you can have and plugins are small with free account, but with Site Rubix which is hosted by Wealthy Affiliate you can get a free website with hosting. Also if you decide to go with Site Rubix you will also get help from community of people that will help you out if you get stuck, and step by step tutorial that will help you achieve success in your business!





Is what you get with Site Rubix and it free so why not give it a try!

free wordpress site builder


WordPress builder by  WordPress

If you do not care to much about themes or if you would rather purchase your own than you can get a free account through WordPress, you will not get all the extra options like Site Rubix but it is free and you can start your blog or website and later purchase your own domain.


Blogger is also another option that you can consider it is very simple to use and easy, you do not get much theme options but it is great for bloggers. Blogger is free to get, and with blogger if you go look around online you can find quiet a few widget’s that you can add to your website. It is not a WordPress platform but it is a great for blogging.

The Verdict

My personal recommendation is to  try Site Rubix if you want something that is free and with  a  lot of options. There are many more site’s builder’s out there but I recommend what I tried personally that is free to start and wont cost you a dime unless you go purchase a domain, than that will cost you a bit. I hope this help some of you to get a start to your online sucess  if you would like more info on how to choose a domain or hosting feel free to read my Picking a Domain and Hosting and thanks again for stopping  by.

How To Get Traffic For Your Site

How To Get Traffic For Your Site

Is your site dead? How To get Traffic for Your Site

Hello  today wanted to share some tips on how to get traffic for your site, especially if it is dead. Today a lot of affiliate marketers say my site will not rank or I used to rank on first page and was able to bring in a lot of traffic, but now my site is dead. Below I  will give you some tips that could help you restore your site back to life!

How To get Traffic for Your Site

Why your content is not getting ranked?  Some of the reasons why we don’t rank.


  • Though keyword
  • tough serp competition
  • seasonal niche
  • nich trend shifts

Though Keyword

The first one is though keyword is the word or phrase you are trying to rank for is it a tough keyword that will be very hard for you to rank for especially if you are not a authority site.

How to check you keyword? You can check your keyword or phrase to see how hard it is for you to rank under using a tool called Jaaxy and if you would like you can visit my older post on Keyword Research to find more information.

Tough Serp Competition

What is SERP ( Search Engine Results Page)

One very good tip for when you are trying to rank for on first page  is to actually type that word into google and see the first several website. When you get one those site some of the thing you should look for is the post or article shared socially, and most the time there will be number next to the social icon and it will say how many shares that article got.  If the article has 103 shares than you should try to aim for more than the site that is rank on first page.

How To get Traffic for Your Site

Second to look at is Comment’s does that site have a lot of comments if it does usually means it has good page authority and in order for you to rank you will need

that many if not more blog or article comments that you are try to rank for.

Third look at meta title  and meta description  does the site have a meta description and metal title with the keyword  if they don’t then that is something good already for you because if they don’t and you do you will have better chance of ranking. Good tool that is free to check meta title and meta description is Moz toolbar.

Forth  look at site authority and page authority  does that site have authority? Good example is a eCommerce site like this China wholesale websites, you will usually know if it is an authority site or not just by looking at it.

Fifth how many link’s are pointing to the page

Seasonal Niche

There is a lot of time that your website dropped rank a little  do to it being a seasonal niche meaning that you promote only Christmas or other seasonal things, and once the season is over the interest for that drop until next time it comes.

Niche Trend Shifts

A Lot of time’s the niche that you are in might shift and you lose rank so that is another thing to look for is niche trend shifts.

Putting  It All Together

Now these elements that I shared above  are a good gauge to determine if your serp is hard and a way to measure what you need to do if you were to rank within that keyword or phrase. Here is a list of 5 things you should do right now if your site is dead and how to get traffic for your site.

  • Take a old post note of the rank and decide do you still want to go ahead with your site do you still have interest in writing about the niche that you are in if so follow below.
  • Remove and distractions from your page like ads and affiliate links(yes your affiliate links) dont worry you wont lose money because your not making any by having a dead site so just trust me you can add it later.
  • Add image along with a alt tag and title tag with the keyword that you are trying to rank for.
  • Add am internal link to a different older  post with anchor text.
  • Fetch as google by going to your google webmaster account, if you do not have a webmaster account you can create one it is free and it is a very important part of your website because tell google about your site. Share the post and ask for engagement, you can either use Facebook or google plus, or any other social media that you use.

Putting together a plan

Determine if it is worthwhile resurrecting the site (sometime it is better to let it go) Base this on Your serp competiton

  • Niche competition
  • Your passion

If it is a go then start writing new post’s and same time going back and doing those 5 simple steps to help revive your site back to life. Give your site couple days maybe a week to see if anything changed.  Hope this helped some of you get your site back alive and get that traffic flowing.

Thanks for reading How To get Traffic for Your Site Have a Blessed Day.

Need more Training check out some older post’s

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How To get Traffic for Your Site

Traffic Authority Scam Truth Exposed Read Before You Sign Up

Traffic Authority Scam Truth Exposed Read Before You Sign Up

Traffic Authority Scam
Overall Ranking: {15 out of 100]
Price: 200-8000 }
Owners: {Greg Chambers, Doug Wellens, and Chad Stalvey}
Website: {}


What is Traffic Authority

Traffic Authority Scam is it really a scam?

Traffic Authority pre-launched August 19 2015, an MLM company that sells traffic. I  will share with you my personal view on Traffic Authority. I have been involved in many mlm programs that are legit, but also found many that turned out to be scams. The question your wanting to know is: Is Traffic Authority a scam? I’ll start by pointing out a couple things, and you decide for yourself what you think. Traffic Authority makes money buy selling traffic so when you sign up you have to purchase a re-seller package that you have to pay monthly for, in order to start selling and promoting the product. The packages start from $20 and go up to 144$- this is the monthly charge that you will be paying in order to keep selling. Is that a lot of money as investment towards a business? Probably not, but the costs don’t just end there.

traffic authority scam


Lets look at something else in Traffic Authority.  Here are some traffic packages costs, and here is where I have an issue with. In order for you to promote not only you have to pay monthly but also purchase the product package and can only promote the one you purchased. So, if you purchased the 220 dollar package than you are qualified to sell only that. Also another thing that I wanted to mention is that there is a second option you have. If you decide you don’t want to buy the package than you will have to sell it and pass it to your down-line 3 times, only then you will get the next sale, that’s right that is a BIG Red Flag and my question is how are you supposed to make any money with this?

  • #1: Diamond package  $8397.00 Value! 
    8100 – 8400 premium clicks (or $4,000.00 cash)
  • #2: Titanium Package  $4297.00 Value! 
    3400 – 3800 premium clicks (or $2,000.00 cash)
  • #3: Platinum Package  $2197.00 Value! 
    1700 – 1900 premium clicks (or $1,000.00 cash)
  • #4: Platinum Package  $2197.00 Value! 
    1700 – 1900 premium clicks (or $1,000.00 cash)
  • #5: Gold Package  $1097.00 Value! 
    850 – 950 premium clicks (or $500.00 cash)
  • #6: Gold Package  $1097.00 Value! 
    850 – 950 premium clicks (or $500.00 cash)
  • #7: Silver Package  $660.00 Value! 
    510 – 570 premium clicks (or $300.00 cash)
  • #8: Silver Package  $660.00 Value! 
    510 – 570 premium clicks (or $300.00 cash)
  • #9: Bronze Package  $440.00 Value! 
    340 – 380 premium clicks (or $200.00 cash)
  • #10: Bronze Package  $440.00 Value! 
    340 – 380 premium clicks (or $200.00 cash)

Traffic Authority Scam

So is Traffic Authority a scam? yes or no? I would say yes because you have to blow a lot of money for something that you do not know works, especially not knowing if the traffic is real or fake, and the big question I want to ask you is why should I pay so much money just to start selling and promoting their products, when I can go to Bing or Google and get clicks and it will be cheaper and more trust worthy than traffic authority. The choice is yours, if you have the money to blow, go for it. Give it a try, I may be wrong but that is my personal look into this program. I have lost a  lot of money and I have came across these kind of mlm’s many times before. If you want a legit business than try affiliate marketing. It can be more than just legit and there are many better ways to earn money online.  Thanks for stopping by. Hope reading this post makes you reconsider Traffic Authority, should you or should you not sign up for it.



Home Business Ideas Under 100 Dollars

Home Business Ideas Under 100 Dollars

Home Business Ideas Under 100 dollars                    home business ideas under 100 dollars

Today wanted to share some home business ideas under 100 dollars , hope this helps to get you started . I wanted to start an LLC in Montana and then comes a time in most peoples’ lives where we have to decide what we want to do with our future and how much freedom we want from the daily 9 to 5 grind of the corporate world. We also have to wonder if we want to be just cogs in a company’s machine or be our own bosses, getting the full benefit of our hard work instead of someone else reaping the rewards. When we do decide this is the path for us, we can find ourselves with several opportunities that can make our decision so hard to make, especially when our starting funds may not be in the thousands or hundreds of thousands. So, where can we go to be financially independent and our own boss without having to worry about a regular 9 to 5 job? Well, there are plenty of opportunities within our own homes if we know where to look. This article will explore some of the many options available to us for less than $100 in start-up costs.

If you’re looking for a low-cost start up where you can earn residual income on top of commissions, you should consider joining one of the many multi-tier marketing (MLM) companies or affiliate marketing that are constantly hiring new agents and sellers. These include Scentsy, Avon, Monat hair products ,and Melaleuca. Scentsy began in 2004 with a simple idea of offering scented wax melts that smelled great and were inexpensive to purchase along with their own special burners for these melts. As their popularity grew worldwide, the company began to offer great products, commissions, and other treats for those willing to work alongside the owners in promoting and selling these products. Avon is one of the oldest versions of MLMs, having begun back in the late 1800s with a salesmen who hired women to sell perfume door to door because women were more likely to buy stuff from other women. Nowadays, Avon has grown vastly into the health and beauty industry with its reliance on its salespeople online and in-person to push their products on new and old customers. The final one on our list is Melaleuca, which began in 1985, and has since grown into one of the premiere companies for cleaning products and other household items. Their promise to its customers is the organic and natural products without containing harsh and harmful chemicals. With each of these companies, they only cost very little to start up between $15 and $50 each.

Online Business

If these aren’t something that would interest you, you can also try these other great online businesses for yourself. You can sell products and/or services through websites like Etsy, Ebay, Amazon, and Fiverr. You just have to find your passion and run with it. Crafts and other handmade or vintage items are specific to Etsy where you can run your home-based craft and antique business without putting much into the listing prices. The same can be said for Ebay and Amazon where you can sell high ticket items that you have cluttering your home or even strike a deal with some local businesses, helping them list their products and earning a commission for the sale. If you have a way with words or with explaining complicated subjects, you might look into offering your services online as a freelance writer or tutor. Depending on the job, you can see some serious money ($10 and up an hour) with rates increasing as you gain more experience in your chosen field. Another area for writers is blogging. You can create your own blog and build up a vast audience and even make some money from those advertising on your blog. If you’re not one for words but like the idea of blogs, you should look into vlogs, or video blogs, which are highly popular on YouTube from how to videos and others. All of these allow you to find yourself and your expression of self as you build your business from the ground up. Most of these have little to no startup costs, though it may take some time with each of these to see money pouring in.

Other Home Business Ideas Under 100 Dollars, Business Ideas not online.

If you’re not into the Internet or setting up your business online, you can always develop your freelance business in writing or tutoring offline along with plenty of others. Without the online advertising of your freelancing, however, you may have a hard time gaining customers and clients, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. When it comes to other options for offline businesses for yourself, you have the chance to be even more creative. You can even start small in your own neighborhood or town (this mainly depends on the size of the town). Whether you’re in a metropolitan area or the rural countryside, you can find many of these businesses as successful ones for yourself if you’re willing to put in the hard work and keep up with advertising of your services. One such service is actually marketing for companies by passing out their flyers around certain areas of the city or town. This is a great option for someone with access to large numbers of people, like a university or even a mall, and can be done on your own schedule. You can decide how many flyers you’ll pass out at a certain rate or if you want to be paid by the hour. This is a great business because you’ll just need transportation money from the company to the location where you’ll pass out the flyers.

Other areas where you can make some decent money is the hospitality and care arena of services. Child care is an ever-growing industry with many households having two working parents so they need someone they can depend on to watch their children. With just a few extra pieces to set up your home, you can turn it into a successful child care center, gaining the training and certifications you need to make parents comfortable with you. The cpr london training and first aid are the main ones to get first and then you can go onto other certifications. If you don’t have patient for children, you can always help older or disabled adults around the home by becoming a companion that aides in cooking, cleaning, and just spending time with them as they convalesce in their homes. Some of the same certifications can apply, especially first aid and CPR, for these individuals in case there’s an emergency. Both of these can result in incomes of $10 or more hourly depending on your experience.

If people just aren’t your thing, young or old, you can always consider working with people’s pets, especially those with dogs. No matter where you live, there’s always a need for dog walkers, sitters, and pooper scoopers around your area. So many people love having a dog, or the idea of a dog, but few truly have time for them. So, by offering your services in any of these areas with some experience to back you, you can make some considerable funds available to you with very little startup costs. You’ll want to have some extra leashes on hand, just in case, and even some treats from time to time, but usually the owners will provide everything you need for the animal as long as you can promise your time and attention to the task at hand.

If none of these businesses suit you, there are even more options out there that border on the unusual yet very lucrative as long as you know how to handle simple tasks or love keeping things organized. These include landscaping, window cleaning, and even event planning. If you own a lawn mower and a weed eater/edger, you’re ready to start your own lawn mowing business which you can build into a highly popular landscaping business over time, adding more services to appeal to new customers and keep your established ones coming back. You can even walk around your neighborhood, knocking on doors of homes with yards that could use some TLC. By charging reasonable rates compared to the professional lawn guys, you can build your business with your cheaper prices and above and beyond service. For those that love cleaning, all you need is a few squeegees, a bucket, and soap and water to create your own window cleaning company. You have the ability to visit and woo anyone from residential to commercial buildings with your services, providing them with the best cleaning at the cheapest rate as you build up your customer base. If you’re quick and efficient, you can complete several windows a day, making a considerable amount for your wallet. For those that prefer organization, you should look into event planning. As a planner, you’re responsible for keeping up with all the details that go into making someone’s special event the best it can be. You can be in charge of events from business functions to weddings and other special occasions. You’ll stand out among the best if you can find your clients the best deals on the supplies they’ll need to make their event a truly memorable one. All you need to start this business is have the right contacts and access to your client’s money for deposits and you’re ready to go.

No matter which of these businesses you decide for yourself is the best choice for you, you can make your business the best there is for your present and future clients or customers. You just have to be willing to put in the hard work and effort to get your home-based business where you want it to go. Do your research about each of these different businesses, define your strengths and weaknesses, and match them up to the requirements based on the ones that appeal to you. Once you’ve matched them up, you’ll have to decide which one plays closest to your strengths that you feel confident and passionate about building into your own. By knowing yourself and your limitations through business coaching, you’ll reduce your risks of failure in your new business as you’ll work diligently towards what’s right for you and your home-based business. While they carry more risks than your average 9 to 5 position, the rewards can far outweigh those risks from the freedom you’ll gain to the unlimited potential your business can have wherever you live.

If you Would like to learn more how to earn money online you can visit wealthy affiliate and learn more on how to earn money from home.

Home Business Ideas Under 100 Dollars
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Looking for a Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review?

Looking for a Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review?

This is my Story Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review

A Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review


I would like to take up this post and share my honest Wealthy Affiliate Review. It has been almost a year since I became a member of Wealthy Affiliate, my story started out like this: I had a dream to be a businessman or someone who can earn an income straight from home due to I never have enough time to do things that I love. For example one of my biggest reasons I wanted to work from home is so I can spend more time with my newborn son, because maybe like some of you, you would love to spend more time with your kids or maybe have that extra money to do the things that you really love, instead of working for someone all your life, and when all is said and done all you did is work just to survive! No space nor money for your own enjoyment! That’s me folks, but I’ll tell you this- we will have to work no matter what, but if you could choose to work where you want and when you want- would that make a difference? Personally for me–yes, I wanted time to spend with my family and most of all the time to seek God-studying and dwelling more in the Scripture. Whatever your reason is- go for it! Believe that you can and accomplish it!

Wealthy Affiliate

When I started to look for opportunities to work online I could not find anything that was legit, all of the programs promised a lot of training, showing how they make this amount of dollars, but all of them are after your money right. When I found Wealthy Affiliate I thought it was probably another scam, but I had a gut feeling to try it out since you do get a free trial to see if you like it or not. So I signed up that evening and was amazed really to find that Wealthy Affiliate had to offer.  I watched some great videos of how to start working online. It provides step by step video tutorials from creating your first website to driving traffic to your site-everything that you need to be successful online was there. After being scammed and cheated by a lot of different programs out there, I finally found an affiliate program that really was worth every penny! Wealthy affiliate will help you get where you want to go with your online business if you put your hard work into it, wealthy affiliate is a community of great people helping each other succeed in online affiliate marketing.


What I Accomplished in Little less than a year

Well thanks to Wealthy Affiliate I am now able to earn about extra 400 dollars a month from just one site that I created, that is probably not much for some of you but if you could even get extra 400 -600$ a month would that help? Folks you could earn that or more or less depending on how hard you want to succeed. From my personal experience I do not regret becoming a Wealthy Affiliate member because starting off with knowing nothing about affiliate marketing, I am now my way up to earning more income (By Hard Work) everyday, and it will all pay off in its own time. I am here not to scam you or take your money but just to share the opportunity that helped me gain success on working online that other programs have failed to do! I will leave a link below where you can personally try it out for Free, if you wish, since you don’t have anything to lose. Thank you for reading my post on Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review. If you have any questions or comments please leave below!

Try Wealthy Affiliate For Free





How to Make Money online with Affiliate Program

How to Make Money online with Affiliate Program

How to Make Money online with Affiliate ProgramHow to Make Money online with Affiliate Program


Have you ever wondered how people make money working from home? If you have then you are at the right place. One of the things that I want to share today is what made me money online and what resources I used to learn affiliate marketing. Have you ever wanted freedom? Freedom to do what you like to do maybe that is being debt free or being able to afford a nice vacation with you family or just being your own boss, I know working 8-5  everyday is not very fun and being told that you can only have a week off a year paid vacation ,or not enough money to afford food. What ever your goal is you can achieve  and I would like to help you get started in the right direction.

What Is Affiliate Marketing and How to Make Money Online with  Affiliate Program

Affiliate Marketing is a process where company pays you a commission once someone purchases a product or service through your affiliate link. Affiliate marketing has been around for a while and is growing and more people are making money online.

Faq About Affiliate Marketing 

  • Is Affiliate Marketing a Scam? Im here to tell you it is not a scam because you  are promoting real product and service with company’s like amazon, it is not your get rich scheme scam and it does take work.
  • What are some affiliate programs out there?

Click Bank 

Commission Junction

Share a Sale

Amazon Associate

How to Start

Stating is probably the most important step in the processes because if you do not start nothing will happen! Learning how to do affiliate marketing sometimes can be stressful especially if you are just staring off and do not know where to begin. Maybe you have tried but nothing worked out ill share what helped me, if you ever heard of Wealthy Affiliate than you know what I am talking about if not ill explain later in the post after I explain the steps you need to make money online with affiliate program.

  1. Choosing a Niche

What Is a Niche? A Niche is something that you would like to promote for example, If you wanted to promote diet pill’s than that be your niche diet pills.When picking a niche pick something that you would like to write about and promote and do not worry there is a niche for almost everything.

2. Building a Website

If you never build a website no worries, I am here to tell you anybody can do it. When building a website you do not need to be a professional at coding ,because there are  programs like WordPress that does your coding for you all you do is choose a theme and start building your site simple and very easy. If you would like to start building your website for free click here

3. Creating Content

Creating content you do not have to be some professional to write content just a passion to help people. Focus more on helping Instead of selling, your in the business of helping people.

4. Getting Traffic

If you ever tried getting traffic to your website it can get frustration, but dont worry about that because you can learn all of that in Wealthy Affiliate!


What is Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy affiliate it is basically like a university or a collage for affiliate marketing. Wealthy affiliate is online community of great folks who help each other achieve thier dreams. In wealthy Affiliate there is over 10,000 folks with experience and everyday story’s of success, that will give you a boost of confidence to keep pushing forward.

Why Wealthy Affiliate?

  • In Wealthy Affiliate you will discover a community of people that have a passion to learn and help each other grow.
  • When you become a Member you will discover hours and hours of tutorials from choosing a niche to getting traffic to your website.
  • Every month there are 4 live webinars that will help in improving your affiliate marketing business.

What is The Cost to Start

There are two type’s of memberships one of them is free and other one is premium and below is a chart you can find what the difference is.

How to Make Money online with Affiliate Program




Conclusion-How to Make Money online with Affiliate Program

Some final words, just wanted to say thank you for stopping by and reading How to Make Money online with Affiliate Program I really hope I was able to answer some your question’s . If you think that you would be interested in trying out wealthy affiliate for free you can visit Here . If you have any questions or comments feel free to ask ill be glad to answer any of your questions.