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Coffee Shop Millionaire Scam

Coffee Shop Millionaire Scam

Coffee Shop Millionaire Scam Exposed


There has been lot said and done about the coffee shop millionaire scam and research has found it to be true. The Coffee Shop Millionaire by Anthony Trister      Coffee Shop Millionaire Scam which has found to be unreliable marketing training course that does not fulfill the basic need desired by a customer.

The Coffee Shop Millionaire has got various negative and rave reviews online slaughtering the reputation of the institute. The owner Anthony Trister too has come on the haters list now because of the spoiled goodwill that this marketing course has received the last era.

There are numerous websites and online portals who provide immense knowledge and information catering to the need of what are the consumers want. But its unfortunate to say that The Coffee Shop Millionaire has proven to be a big disappointment in this case.

And the only best thing about The Coffee Shop Millionaire is that the buyer at least gets a full refund after knowing that buying the product was a big mistake.

The primary function of a Coffee Shop Millionaire is to qualify your buyers providing them with the knowledge of how to sell services like SEO, video and email marketing, local business marketing, etc. but the main issue with Coffee Shop Millionaire is that they leave on important factors and are poorly taught.

The lessons taught in the Coffee Shop Millionaire are far more advanced which a beginner is unable to understand so in this case there is no point for a person to buy such a product which will pay you with nothing.

It is very much important to explain how does a marketing of a local service or selling your services happen. All this information is not been given by the makers of The Coffee Shop Millionaire, because this has to be their primary concern.

How much ever experienced sales person you are but you are ought to fail trying to sell your services or playing up some smart game in order to market your product but with the help of the type of lessons given by the Coffee Shop Millionaire you already fail before you try out something new.

Awful guidance with extremely no direction and dedication on how a product must be sold to average business owners. Completely no knack of how the system and business works. The Coffee Shop Tutorials are of no use indeed and one of the worst products a customer may ever look upon to.

The biggest headache about the Coffee Shop Millionaire is that this company wants its products to be sold to run their own business very smoothly but at the same time it also gulps in commissions from its consumers from the purchases made, which is indeed troublesome.

People simply are denying to recommend this product as this program doesn’t offer you things its been made for. There is no such special training or help and support. If you have ever thought to buy this product then beware it will earn you zero profit as this programs only shows that it will help you earn tons of profit but the reality is that its just their marketing strategy to make money. They are actually supposed to tell you how can we make money out of marketing but all they tell is the solution to your question without the complete information. The makers of Coffee Shop Millionaire will leave to you research by yourself.

In the program Trister makes it very clear saying that the entire program is quite easy but mind you people here is where we miss out the trick, he says that’s its easy without making us feel easy and clarifying our doubts. Imagine yourself standing at the door with the product you want to sell and when the door opens comes a loud noise some scoldings and insulting tones with the sound of door shutting back on your face. Many people will treat you badly with disrespect .Well, the tricks to avoid this nuisance is not been taught in Coffee Shop Millionaire.

Well, will all this its very much clear that no consumer or buyer would ever like to recommend this product and even if you wish to try it, no worries you will get paid back.

You will not earn any money with Coffee Shop Millionaire!

Cash Crate Scam In Depth Review

Cash Crate Scam In Depth Review

What is Cash Crate?                                  cash crate scam

Hello today wanted to share a little about cash crate the pro’s and the cons, but also if cash crate is a scam! Cash Crate  is a survey site and has been around since 2006 and has over 2 million members worldwide and pays out thousands to its members every day. There seem’s to be a lot of question’s if cash crate is legit and every website you get on tells different, in most cases they are either promoting cash crate or promoting something else. Today I am here not offering anything except information.


How to Earn money with Cash Crate

With cash crate you are able to earn money in couple different ways and ill explain them.

  • Survey’s is one of the ways that cash crate pays you, if you ever been a part of survey site and took survey’s you know that survey’s do not really pay much and wont get rich doing them but you can make some spare cash. Survey’s are time consuming most of the time and average pay a survey 1-10 dollars and even 10 dollars is rare to see unless you been a member for long time. With survey’s don’t expect to get 30 to 40 survey’s a day most of the time when starting out you ll get 1-5 surveys a day. The thing with survey’s either your doing it through Cash Crate or any other survey site there is really not a whole lot of money to be made and very time consuming!
  • Other way Cash Crate pay’s you is doing offer’s. Doing offer’s is one of the worst ways to make money due to most offer’s you have to sign up and give your info away and then you will get spammed with calls or emails. Most offers are trial offer’s but not all,if you do decide to do an offer and it is a trial offer do not forget to cancel before trial runs out otherwise you will get charged a monthly fee.
  • Referral most of you might be familiar with this one. Referral’s is probably the only good way to earn money with cash crate. Cash Crate you  get paid 20% of what your referrals make and 10% of what their referrals make. As you refer more users to Cash Crate, these levels increase until you’re earning as much as 30% of your referral’s earnings and 20% of their referral’s earnings. Plus, get extra cash bonuses along the way! If you know anything about referrals it is not easy work especially if you do not have a way to advertise or get this out to people, but it is the better way to earn money.


Requirements to Join and Minimum to Get Payed

In order to sign up cash crate you have to be at least 13 years of age and be from United States or other English speaking countries. In order to get Paid you need a minimum of 20 dollars before you can withdraw.


Pros and Cons


  • Cash Crate is legit and you can make money with them.
  • They have not bad referral program.


  • Survey’s do not pay much but its ok if your 13 and need some spare cash.
  • Offers usually do not pay much and you give away your info to telemarketers
  • Spam as with any survey site you will get spammed.

Conclusion Is Cash Crate a Scam?

Well Cash Crate is not a scam but I think the more important question to ask is how much money can you really make and is it worth wasting you time for 20 bucks? From my personal experience I did not make much doing surveys and offer’s , in most cases in order to make some good money with it you need to refer people, and not always easy if you do not know how. If you are interested in making money my personal recommendation is affiliate marketing you can make good living if you want to work for it. That is it folks hope this helped answer some of your question’s if not feel free to comment below will be glad to help.


Inbox Dollars Review Pros and Cons

Inbox Dollars Review Pros and Cons

What is Inbox Dollars

Hello folks today wanted to share my personal inbox dollars review with you and what I found. If you are deciding to join or not and earn money with inbox dollars then I want to help you make the right choice, since there are many scams out there. Inbox dollars is a site were you can earn money by

  • shopping inbox dollars review
  • taking surveys
  • playing games

Inbox Dollars has been around since 2000 and over time grew to the compnay they are now and according to inbox dollars they have paid out millions! Alright that is my small intro but lets get down to business and see if this site is a scam or not.

Ways to Earn Money with Inbox Dollars

Surveys: The first one I want to talk about is survey’s since I have experience with survey’s. There are couple things to understand about surveys one is that surveys dont pay much. Two surveys take anywhere from 5- maybe an hour and you earnings are not much. Most survey pay around 1-10 dollars and 10 dollars is pretty rare. Here is another reason why I dislike survey’s, when you take a survey and you might be 5 to 10 minutes in and not qualify so that right there for me personally is a waste of time. One more thing about survey’s do not even plan on quieting your day job because you wont get enough survey’s a day to even buy you gas for your car.

Play Games: Inbox dollars pay you to play games that sounds great huh. Playing games sounds pretty awesome and, especially earning money but it is not really that way. In order to get paid to play games you have to deposit money to you inbox dollars  account and play through a site called worldwinner so in reality you have to spend money and then try to win some money basically like a lottery.

inbox dollars review

Shopping Online: So who does not love shopping and getting paid? Well I think every body would love to get paid to shop, so here it is inbox dollars will pay you to shop and, there are a bunch of different retailer’s and you get a percentage back to your inbox dollars account so that is not bad actually it’s not a lot of course but something.Inbox Dollars Review



Getting Paid for Offers: Lets take a look at getting paid to sign up for offers, getting paid to do offer’s is probably the worst way to make money online and ill tell you why I might repeat myself but there is a reason. Couple things with paid offers most don’t pay much, second you giving out your info to other company’s so they can spam you! Third is a lot of offer’s on inbox dollars are trial offer’s meaning you sign up for a offer and you get a week or month trial and if you do not cancel you will get charged for what ever the monthly price is.


inbox dollars review

Reading Email and Watching Videos

So here is another way you can earn money and that is buy reading email or watching video offers and doing simple task but all of that only pays pennies.


How Much You Need to Earn Before You Can Cash Out?

In order for you to cash out  you need to accumulate 30 dollars. That does not sound like much but

people have expressed concern about the payout structure of InboxDollars and have called the program a scam. pays out checks but,  the problem is that very few people are actually making real money or it is hard to reach that amount.

Some folks have earned extra money from inbox dollars but in my opinions you will be better off getting a part time job and earning money that way,considering the offers and survey wont bring much in from my personal experience doing online survey’s.

Inbox Dollars Gold Membership

Just wanted to talk briefly about the gold membership at inbox dollars something you get once you got your first 30 dollar payment. Once you get gold membership you start getting more benefit’s like.

Inbox dollars review


The questions is would I recommend signing up and earning money with inbox dollars and my answer is no that is my personal opinion because, there is really no money to be made and if your doing offer’s they are not worth it and a big waste of time! Also not to mention the spam you will receive from telemarketers. Do they Pay yes but not easy to get to 30 Dollars withdrawal so good luck if you decide to go that route. Inbox dollars in my experience not a scam just not a very good way to earn money. If you want to earn money read about my number 1 Recommendation !


Is Click 4 Surveys a Scam In Depth Review

Is Click 4 Surveys a Scam In Depth Review

Is Click 4 Surveys a Scam?

Today wanted to share a little about survey’s since I have done survey’s a while back when I was still in high school and,  have made little money  with survey’s and ill explain why. Ill do a review of Click 4 surveys and break  it down for you why it is another time waster. Why  is Click 4 surveys a scam ,well if you read below I will explain that click 4 survey  has false  information about survey’s and ill expose why it is just another scam. If you ever done surveys online than you know that

  • You don’t always qualify for the survey meaning you could be doing a survey for 5 minutes and next thing you know it says sorry you did not qualify for the click 4 surveys a scam
  • Second you will not make 7,000 to 14,000 a week and I am talking from experience

most you will make if you sign up with a lot of survey website’s is maybe 100-200 dollars  that is if you qualify for them considering most survey pay you 2-5 dollars and time range can be 15-30 minutes or more.

  • Third unless your signed up with 20 or thirty different survey websites and actually getting constant amount survey’s coming in for you do than you will see little bit more income otherwise if your signed up with one or two survey site’s don’t expect to get more than 2-4 survey’s a day if even that.
  •  The 4 thing is get ready to be spammed, your inbox will be come a big box full  of spam  and it get’s annoying trust me.
  • The Last thing is do you want to spend 30 minutes for 2 bucks of earnings?


Is Click 4 Surveys a scam (Exposed)

All right those were the 5 thing that personally I experience in 2 years of trying to waste my time with surveys, rather go get a part time job will make more I guarantee you that. Are survey’s scam, no they are not but you do have to be careful what you sign up with  and there is little income to be made with survey’s. Now as for Click 4 Surveys it is basically a website that collects you email and send’s you a bunch of spam. Once you sign up it will take you to  page with a full list of survey website’s that you can sign up with.

Also They offer limited time bonus offer which is a complete  scam big sale’s pitch video   offering you a  sale system that make thousands for you, that sound like a big RED FLAG! 

Is click 4 surveys a scam

Do not waste your 49 dollars on something that will have no benefit or something that you do not know that works. I have been scammed not one’s but a bunch of times with programs like these promising you that you will make thousand within your first week let me tell you that you will not get rich quick and there is no quick or easy money unless you hit the lottery  then in that case you let me know :).

Final Thoughts

So is click  4 surveys a scam, I personally would not join but in my case just wanted to show you that it is another sale’s pitch for someone to make money off of you. You will not make thousand a week with survey’s  trust me I know. Any kind of work to actually bring good money takes work and dedication, not an overnight get rich scheme as we see here in click 4 surveys. If you want to earn money online than I recommend you  read  how to make money online .  I hope this helped clear some of your question’s about click 4 surveys if not please leave a comment and I will get back with you or if you have any other question’s feel free to ask.


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Creating Website for Dummies Step by Step

Creating Website for Dummies Step by Step

Creating Website for Dummies


Creating  Website for Dummies

Creating website for dummies is a post for anyone who needs direction in creating a website. Creating a website  can seem like a daunting task but in reality it is much easier than you may think. Thanks in large part to development of content management systems, there is no longer a need to understand complicated computer programming languages such as HTML, Java or Flash in order to build a website. Content management systems are built using those complex computer languages but offer the user a much easier experience when building a website.

Come up with an Idea

The first step you will want to take when learning how to create a website is to come up with an idea for your site. The type of website you decide to create will play an important role in future decisions concerning your website. This is why it is important that you know exactly the style of website you want to create. You do not necessarily need to know what the website will be about just whether it will be a blog style website, E commerce store, informational website, or business website.

Select your CMS

Once you know what type of website you would like to create, you will then want to select the content management system, or CMS, that you will use to help build your site. For each type of website, blog, E commerce store, informational, there are several different types of content management systems you can use to build your site. Familiarizing yourself with the various choices will enable you to determine which one you like best.Being able to easily use you CMS program will make it that much easier to create your very own website.

An important aspect to keep in mind when deciding on a CMS program is the various templates or themes that come with your content management system. Each CMS will have hundreds, if not thousands, of themes or templates from which to choose. Deciding to use a CMS program that has a wide variety of templates will provide you with a large range of choices when deciding what your new website will look like.

Decide how to Promote your New Website

Once you have decided what type of website you are going to build and installed the proper content management system on your web server, your site will be pretty much ready to go. After your template is installed, you can quickly post some content to your website and it will be ready for the world to see. But just how will the world find your website? When creating a website, you will quickly learn that if no one can find your website it will be as if it does not exist. Deciding how you will promote your website will enable you to make a few subtle tweaks to your website when you are creating it to ensure that it gets more traffic.

Some of the more common methods of driving traffic to a website include search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, email marketing, and social media marketing. Again, the type of website you create will help determine which the best method of generating traffic is. If you opt to create an Commerce store or business website, pay per click advertising and search engine optimization may be the best ways to promote your site. If you created a blog, you may want to consider social media marketing or email marketing as the two methods to use when trying to drive traffic to your site.

With the help of content management systems, building a website may not be as complicated as some people think. Figuring out what type of website you want to build before you get started will help you select the appropriate content management system and promotion strategies to ensure you own and operate a successful website.

Here’s how to create a website for a local business in fou easy to follow steps.

Choose a Domain Name

The right domain name is an important part of marketing a local business on the Internet. These considerations can help a business owner make the right choice.

For professionals and businesses with local name recognition, the business name is the best choice for a domain name.
A domain name that combines the product or service with the local area can help with marketing.
A domain name should be easy to remember and easy to spell.
A .com URL is almost always the best choice for a business website.

Purchase Web Hosting

Many web hosting companies register domain names for customers, often at no cost for the first year. While there are some disadvantages to registering a domain name through a web host, the convenience and ease of having web hosting and domain name registration handled in one place generally outweighs those. The web hosting company handles all the technical details, such as setting up domain name servers, leaving the business owner free to concentrate on creating the website and getting back to business.

Build the Website

Most web hosting companies include an easy website builder that’s adequate for the needs of a local business. Each builder is slightly different, but they all lead the user step by step through creating a main page and several sub-pages. Most allow the business owner to choose among several professionally designed templates, making it easy to create a website that looks professional and streamlined.

Optimize the Website

Search engine optimization, or SEO, helps search engines classify and index a website and serve it up when someone searches for the information it provides. While SEO is a wide subject with lots of moving parts, there are a few things any business owner can do to help his website rank for local search results.


Need More Step By Step Help?

If you want more in depth training I recommend you visiting wealthy affiliate training course they offer great training on how to build your first website and even earn money.If interested sign up and get these lesson’s for free. If you want more info can also visit my older posts Finding a niche or how to get free web builder .


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Creating Website for Dummies

How to do a Keyword Research for Seo the Right Way

How to do a Keyword Research for Seo the Right Way

Keyword Research and what it means for your site.

Hello and welcome to my post on how to do a keyword research for seo. Today I want to cover couple things about keywords and how to find them, and use them properly, I will hope this will help each one of you improve you site and your rank on google and bing. First I wanna share a tool that I will be using to do my keyword research called Jaaxy  and below I provided a link so you can try it out yourself for free.


First steps in keyword research

First step that we will be doing is finding the keyword that you would want to rank for and Ill take you through the process with Jaaxy and show how that is done, and you can follow along if you have a keyword that you would want to look up. Ill be using a keyword tool called  Jaaxy and you  will see how easy it is to use it.

How to do a Keyword Research for Seo the Right Way

Here we go on top you can see that there are different tabs click on keywords tab to begin your search, as you can see I searched for Jaaxy and it came back with my results and Ill explain what my results mean.

The QSR is how many web sites are trying to compete for that same keyword which is quite a few.

Red Yellow and Green so what do the different colors stand for? Different colors stand for the quality of the keyword in other words tell you if keyword is worth trying to rank for. The red means it will be to competitive and yellow means  there is competition but you still have a chance to rank for that keyword, and last is green which means it will be a good keyword to rank for.

SEO  Score  is from 1-100 it is a score that jaaxy uses  to tell you if it will be a good keyword or not. Jaaxy uses the traffic and competition to come up with that score , and 1 is lowest and 100 the highest score the higher the better you will have a chance at ranking for that keyword.

As we can see this keyword will not be easy to rank for. Also I want to show you another way to research your keyword, so lets say you found a keyword in jaaxy and you want to see in google who is on first page and do a SERP (search engine result page) analyses .

Thing to look at when doing a serp analyses.

  • Did they include the keyword in the  title and meta description? If they dint then that gives you an advantage  to rank for that keyword
  • Go on their website and see how many comments or social like the post has and kinda compare and set a goal  on how many you might need to rank for that keyword.
  • Is that website an authority website? If you get on it you can usually see by the comments and social shares that it is an authority website or page.
  • Also look to see how many links point to that page via social or comments.

Conclusion: How to do a Keyword Research for Seo the Right Way

I want to wrap thing up  and wanted to say thanks for stopping by, and if you like this post please check out my other post on how to restore a dead website you can find some great info if your website is dead in the water and just need some help getting it back up in shape. If you have any question’s or comments feel free to comment below.


Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday 2015

Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday 2015

What is the Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Deal

Hello folks I wanted to share about Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday! If you been on my blog and read my posts about Wealthy Affiliate then you already know what Wealthy Affiliate is. If you have not then I will shortly explain what Wealthy Affiliate is and what to expect this Black Friday, so keep reading. Wealthy Affiliate is the most advanced and up to date learning platform for online marketers, if you ever struggled to learn online or affiliate marketing, building a website and getting it ranked, or maybe trying to learn SEO– then Wealthy Affiliate is the best option out there for that. Wealthy Affiliate offers  hundreds of online courses covering how to build a website step by step and you also learn to do all of this and much more.

  • Learn how to build website
  • Learn SEO
  • Find out how to write content that converts
  • Learn how to create a successful Pay Per Click Ad

If That Is Not Enough Let me Break it Down:

What You Receive When You Become a Member

When you become a Premium Member with Wealthy Affiliate you will receive

  • Hours and hours of step by step tutorials on how to build a successful online business
  • Learn from the experts, by that I mean folks that have been in the market bussiness for a long time, folks that are succesful and they know the in’s and the out’s; something that other online platforms do not offer, in most cases you will spend hundreds if not thousands trying to get a one on one conversation from a professional.
  • Wealthy Affiliate has a great big friendly community that help each other learn to be successful online. Every day members share their stories and techniques how they earn their income, from rags to riches for many of them, thanks to the Wealthy Affiliate and its great community.
  • Live training -learn and stay up to date with great and new training every week to keep you  ahead of your competition.
  • Wealthy Affiliate also offer a great affiliate program for those that are interested.

What is The Cost and What is the Black Friday Deal?

You have two choices. You can sign up for the free trial to try it out and see if you like it, I am sure you will love it but here is the real deal. This Black Friday Wealthy Affiliate is offering a special offer: you can get a one year Membership for 299$ that is $24.91 per month for Premium access here at WA! (compared to regular pricing: 19$ for the first month, and then $47 for every month after that) That is a 53%  percent discount, this kind of deal almost never happens, so it is THE time to sign up and build your business with Wealthy Affiliate. Almost forgot to mention, there is a bonus for those folks that decide to sign up now, but that will be announced later. Below I included a comparison of the free and the premium memberships, so have a look and decide for yourself.

Conclusion: Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday  2015

To Wrap things up  you will be able to take advantage of this Black Friday deal on November 27, that is this friday ONLY . If you you are undecided you can read my honest review of Wealthy Affiliate here.

If you have any question’s or comments feel free to ask and comment below. Will be glad to answer any question’s you might have. If you decide to Sign up you can do so by clicking the banner in the beginning of my post.

What is CPA Affiliate Marketing

What is CPA Affiliate Marketing

What is CPA Affiliate Marketing

What is CPA Affiliate Marketing. CPA or otherwise referred to as “Cost-Per-Action” marketing is probably the simplest methods for a beginner to start making fast and easy cash online. For years, this type of net marketing was thought to be a secret among affiliate marketers that only the big players knew about. In truth, it was never really a secret at all. Most affiliate marketers were way too busy promoting traditional offers for commissions while the super affiliates were cashing in on a whole distinct level.

There is no question that in today’s shaky economy people all across the globe are scrambling to find ways to earn extra income and most are turning to the internet, keen to find ways to make money online. While there can be a great deal of expense and effort put into starting up an online business, there is a simple way to earn money without building a website or even owning your own product. This can be accomplished through something called CPA affiliate marketing.

How To Earn Money with CPA

The first thing that is needed to earn money through a CPA online internet marketing business is to check out the many CPA networks that operate online. These networks function as a “middleman” between the independent marketer who becomes a CPA affiliate and the companies that have CPA offers. Because companies want their CPA marketers to be successful, which in turn will help the companies run successful offers, most of the networks offer free marketing help for CPA affiliates.

It has been shown that CPA affiliate marketing can be very profitable and lucrative for an affiliate marketer, even during tough economic times when consumers are not spending as much money online. With the more traditional affiliate marketing model, this is often not the case because commissions are earned only when money is spent by the consumer.

However, because the affiliate is paid on a “Cost Per Action” (CPA) basis, instead of on the amount of a sale made, a CPA marketing associate can enjoy earnings even though no money exchanged hands.

Many people have trouble understanding how this can be. How can a CPA affiliate earn money when the consumer did not make a purchase and the company paying the affiliate did not make a sale? This is simply what many companies consider to be a fair cost of business and the cost of customer acquisition. Once the person who visits a site and fills out the online form to accept a CPA offer, they are added to a database and become a “lead” or potential future customer.

The company can then use followup marketing strategies, such as email marketing campaigns, to keep in contact with the lead in hopes of converting them into a paying customer at some point. This is why so many companies choose to align themselves with CPA networks and why they set up CPA plans to generate leads for their businesses.

Both experienced internet marketers and novices alike can profit from participating in CPA affiliate marketing. An experienced marketer will likely have an email list of people interested in a specific topic and if they can find a CPA offer related to that topic, then they can almost certainly earn some quick income by sending an email blast to everyone on their list. For the novice, they can set up a quick blog and write some daily items of interest on a specific topic, include links to CPA offers and generate commissions as more and more people start to read their entries.


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Low Start Up Cost Home Business Ideas

Low Start Up Cost Home Business Ideas

Low Start Up Business Working From Home

Today wanted to share with you a quick post on low start up cost home business Ideas that you can start for a very low . Starting a business can be very frustrating especially if you are investing a lot of money and not really making anything, a  lot of website’s try and offer deals like get rich quick. I am here to tell you that wont happen unless you win the lottery. Starting an online business takes time most of all not as much cost but more of your time, it could be time from your family or time that you squeeze out in your day  whatever it is the biggest price you will pay is time. Time is the most biggest commodity on earth because  our days are very short on the planet one day were here and another day were gone. Life will fly by so quick that we don’t realize it especially if we spend it all in a 8-5 job schedule.

Don’t Be Afraid to Start!

One of the biggest reason’s people fail in online business is the fact that they never started or the quite to quick right before something even happened. I am now 23 years old and I wish I start doing online business when I was still in high school, because I would have been way further. The biggest regret you might have is not starting something you wanted to, because after all said and done time is not on our side. You will have to start to become awesome or amazing, to reach your goals you will have to work hard if either it to spend more time with family, have money for retirement and not live pay check to paycheck loaded with debt that you can not get out of.

What is the  lowest start up business online?

You folks probably all heard of affiliate marketing, if you did not than I will explain. Affiliate marketing  is the process where company’s pay commission to people like me and you to advertise there product on your website or social media and get paid if someone buy’s through your affiliate link. Commission can vary from 4 percent all the way up to 100 Percent depending what you are promoting.

How much does it cost to start Affiliate Marketing?

To start affiliate marketing it is free, what is not free is domain and maybe hosting depending where you want to go with that, but to start affiliate marketing you can start for free  even get a free WordPress site through some programs you can read more here how you can do that FREE WEB BUILDER.

Some cost like buying a domain which if you are going to be serious about earning a income in affiliate marketing than sooner or later you will have to get a domain, and typically they range from 3 buck and up depending where you buy it.

  • Go Daddy

I prefer Go Daddy easy to use and never had problem with them .

Hosting is another cost that you will have to consider about and like me I use go daddy or wealthy affiliate hosting go daddy is about 6 bucks a month for hosting with my WordPress account and wealthy affiliate is free if you are a member and you can find out more info about HOSTING HERE


To wrap up my post time is precious and what you do with is you’r choice, and for online business  affiliate marketing will be your best and lowest business start up, and will cost you only about 10-20 buck a year for domain , and hosting 6 bucks month and free if you have wealthy affiliate Premium account,and you can read more about wealthy affiliate and what it is all about Wealthy Affiliate. I hope this will help you out  and if not you can read my other post on Low start up Biz Ideas. If you have any question’s or comment feel free to comment will be glad to help and thanks again for reading  Low Start Up Cost Home Business Ideas.


Things to know about MLM

Things to know about MLM

Things to know about MLM

Multi Level Marketing (MLM) has several names. It is also known as network marketing or pyramid selling. This type of marketing means that distributers sell products by word of mouth, speaking with friends, family and strangers. The distributers then try to encourage others to become distributers as well. They are motivated to do so by high compensation for achieving another distributer to join the company. There are many MLM companies that are quite successful and well-known such as Avon and Tupperware. It can be a great way to make an income on the side while some are able to do very well through these companies. However, there are some important things to know about MLM for those considering joining a company. Before considering joining an MLM company, be sure you’ve checked out the following:
Product Be sure there’s an actual product that you can sell and that it’s one you would use yourself. If you use it, it will be easier for you to sell.
Reputation Sniff around and see what the company’s reputation is like. You’ll want to be sure that the company is well established and successful and not a scam.
Other things to know about MLM are the pros and cons. There are pluses and negatives to joining this business venture that potential candidates should consider:
On the plus side:

Work from home

You’ll likely be able to work a lot from home and set your own hours. If you plan to run a website to promote your business, you can do this from home. Although you’ll probably have to go out to make some sales, you’re still the boss of you.
Start-up costs low Because you’re joining a company, most of the infrastructure has been set up. You’ll be given the tools you need to sell, as well as advice.
Online options Many MLMs offer websites and online selling as well. This widens your customer base and gives you a way to keep in contact with your buyers.
Established product By joining an MLM, you gain the benefits of their past experience. Rather than doing market research and beginning your own company with your own product, you get to sell one that has already been tested.
On the negative side:


You may have to compete with many other local sellers for clients. This means that you’ll have to work very hard to differentiate yourself and stand out from the crowd of sellers offering the same product.
Rejection Some MLM sellers suffer with the rejection that goes along with this sort of job. Inevitably, the majority of contacts you make will not result in a sale. You’ll have to work hard to overcome rejection and continue promoting your product to make sales.

Hard work

MLMs may give people the impression that it’s easy money because so much of the set-up work has already been done for you. It’s not. Successful MLM members are motivated and push through difficult situations and all of the rejection mentioned above.


In MLM there are a lot of pluses and minuses some pluses and minuses that were stated above but also a lot of scam and more and more company being shutdown because they are not legit and people loss a lot of hard worked money and time a lot of time’s so when looking for a MLM make sure it has good reputation and a products that is actually a good products that you can promote and make money. Those are just some tips that I recommend , but if you want a safer route you can do affiliate marketing and you can find more info how to start online affiliate business in my older posts.