About Me

About Me

Hello my name is Valentin and here is a  little about me and how I got started doing affiliate marketing.

I started doing affiliate marketing about couple years ago at first trying to find ways to earn a income from home after being scammed over and over again and losing more than 5 thousand dollars that me and my wife got for our wedding gifts pretty disappointing right? Well after being scammed so many times I gave up on on get rich quick schemes, but haven’t lost the hope of earning money online until I stumbled upon affiliate marketing and was curious on what it was after learning that company’s pay you commission to sell their products or service and after seeing and reading about how  so many people succeed and make a killing at home I was determent to learn.

The Learning Process

When I started it was hard to find people or a community of people that would help you succeed seems today in our world people rather see others fail and steal people’s money ! Not until I found a website called Wealthy Affiliate were there was over 10,000 affiliate marketers helping each other succeed a website designed to help you learn everything you need from beginner to expert. After signing up I started promoting different brands and let me tell you folks it was the smartest thing I did.

If you wish to earn money from home let me tell you everything is possible if you are willing to work for it!

And couple things I would like to wish everyone is don’t give up don’t be average be awesome all it takes is the first step START!

God Bless who ever is reading this.



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