Nevetica Review

Nevetica Review

Total Score 6/10

Cost To Join $199

Nevetica a ground floor opportunity in the pet industry that launched in 2019 by the founder Dr. Lance London wanting to help parents with pets to provide the best care for their pets and bring quality products to the marketplace.
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IS Nevetica a Scam

A question that most people might ask if Nevetica is a scam or not? Looking at Nevetica and their products I would say that Nevetica Is not a Scam, but Nevetica is a mlm, and they do offer an opportunity to earn money by selling and promoting their products to others. The cost to join is around 200 bucks to get started with promoting and you need to have some one to sign up under otherwise you cant get signed up.

Nevetica Products

Nevetica offers quite a bit of different products for your pet

  • One of the product category are oral care.
  • Vitamins for your pet
  • Hip and joint support
  • Digestive health
  • There are also bundles available

Nevetica Pet Assessment is also available to those that need it to see which products would be good for your pet.

Pros and Cons

The Good

  • Products that are needed
  • Great Opportunity to earn income if you are passionate about pets.
  • Ground Floor Opportunity

The Bad

  • Price to join Nevetica as a business partner little pricey

Nevetica Compensation Plan

Like I said earlier for those that are interested in promoting Nevetica products and earning money full time or part time you will be able to earn commissions for doing so. Below are they ways you can make money with Nevetica

Final Verdict

To finish off I wanted to say if you are looking for a way to make money online than this might be for you if you have had experience in the past with mlm or direct sales. On the other hand if you do not have much experience it might be little hard promoting the products but I will let you decide. Overall I will say it is not a bad opportunity. If you are interested in learning how to make money online promoting affiliate products than Ill recommend a free course that you can check out in my older blog posts

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