CTFO Review

CTFO Review

Today there are many people looking for ways to make money working from home. Home based business opportunities such as CTFO have offered many people without jobs the chance to earn an income.

This has helped many, including stay-at-home-mums, pay their bills. But wait a minute. As the old saying goes not all that glitters is gold, the same can apply to home-based business opportunities. In today’s internet era, you will find many MLM companies that claim to be the solution to your financial woes.

The problem is that not all these companies are legit. Some are out there to steal your hard earned money then disappear for good. To avoid falling prey to such scams, it is recommended that you do your research before signing up to their business opportunities. This will help you know if the company is legit or one of the many scams out there. In this detailed CTFO review, we are going to look at what it is, the products, compensation plan, pros, and cons so that you can know if it is legit or a scam.

CTFO Review: What exactly is this company?

Changing The Future Outcome popularly abbreviated as CTFO is a network marketing business that markets cannabidiol products. As a health and wellness network marketing business, CTFO sells a wide array of CBD products through associates and their individual sites.

The company offers people the opportunity to purchase cannabidiol and hemp products for their own personal use. Alternatively, if you want to make some extra income, you can sign up as an associate and sell CTFO products at a profit.

With experts predicting that the CBD industry could grow and become a billion dollar industry in the future, it is no surprise to see CBD companies such as CTFO seizing the opportunity. Currently, the company which was founded by brothers Steve and Stuart Finger has 50 CBD products (we will look at their products below) which is more than any other CBD company using hemp plants.

Ctfo Review

CTFO Review: Tell me about the owners

Like we mentioned above, Changing The Future Outcome (CTFO) was founded by two brothers Steve and Stuart Finger. Stuart Finger has experience in the multi-level marketing industry that dates back to the year 1996. Before he founded CTFO, he had another MLM company known as GBG which stands for “Guided By God.” Well, I am not sure if it was a good idea to link God with an MLM company, but that will not affect our unbiased review on CTFO.

According to Observer.com, GBG had weight loss chewable which was quite similar to the first version of Chew The Fat Off . Note that Chew The Fat Off and Changing The Future Outcome share the same acronym CTFO but are different entities owned by the same person, Stuart Finger. It seems like the whole GBG team moved to CTFO. Stewart’s brother Steve Finger is the President and CEO of CTFO. Other people that makeup CTFO’s exective team include Steve Sakal, the National Training Director; Michael Khan, the Secretary, Treasurer, and Chief Operating Officer; and Meagan Harris, the General Manager.

CTFO Review: The products?

What makes CTFO products different from those marketed by other CBD companies is that they aim to solve a myriad of health problems such as anxiety and blood sugar and not just pain. Additionally, CTFO products have been sourced from industrial plants in Kentucky that are fully compliant. This ensures that their products maintain the highest integrity, professionalism, reliability, and quality. Below is a list of some of CTFO products.

> CBD Isolate Drops CBD Isolate Drops contains 99% CBD purity. This product is ideal for people suffering from nausea, pain, anxiety, seizures and muscle spasms.

> CBD Vape Fluid It goes without saying that the fastest way to get CBD into your body is by using a vaporizer. CBD Vape Fluid is a legit product that lets you get that cannabidiol hit quickly and effectively.

> Total Wellness Capsules Total Wellness Capsules is good for your well being, promotes health and helps with pain relief. This product can help reduce nausea and vomiting, reduce convulsions and seizures, and suppress muscle spasms. In addition, it can help promote overall health, improve digestion, reduce nicotine cravings among other health benefits.

> CBD Anti-Aging Cream CTFO’s CBD Anti-Aging Cream contains Retinol which helps improve your skin tone and elasticity. In addition to antioxidants properties, this cream can help take back the time on how you look.

> Anti-Aging Eye Cream The Anti-Aging Eye Cream contains CBD which helps to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, the appearance of dark circles, and puffiness. By rubbing the AntiAging Eye Cream, its anti-inflammatory properties will help to smooth and lighten specific problem areas below your eyes.

> CBD Pet Treats This product is beneficial for pets that are suffering from stress, anxiety, nausea, and seizures.

> Anti Stress Oral Spray Anti Stress Oral Spray is ideal for people suffering from chronic stress and anxiety. It works by controlling your body’s release of glucocorticoid.

> CBD Weight Loss Oral Spray Are you working to cut pounds? CBD Weight Loss Oral Spray can help you lose weight by suppressing your appetite.

Ctfo Products

CTFO Review: The compensation plan

It is absolutely FREE to join CTFO. Once you join the company as an associate, you will qualify for the 20 percent CV commission that is offered on all direct sales. Here is how CTFO’s compensation plan looks like.

Retail Profit Distributors can make money buying products at wholesale prices then selling them at retail prices. This will result in 30% retail profits on sales that they get to keep as income.

Residual commission Residual commission basically means the percentage of income you receive from distributors you enroll personally in the business and the people they enroll. When you join the company, you will start at level 1. This level earns you a 20% residual commission. Other levels up to level 5 will earn you an additional 4% residual commission. For example at level 5, the residual commission will be 36% (20% + 4% + 4% + 4% + 4%).

Residual Matrix Pay CTFO uses a residual matrix pay of 3 x 21. This means, there are 21 levels and the pay you receive depends on the level it came from. For example, the first level up to level five will earn you a commission of 1%. Level 6 and 7 will earn you 10% residual matrix commission. And levels 8 to 21 will earn you 1% commission. However, you will need to enroll three active distributors to unlock the full commission up to the seventh level, enroll four active distributors to unlock full commission up to the fourteenth level, and enroll five active distributors to unlock full commission up to the 21st level.

Infinity Bonus Pay Once you attain the rank of Vice President, you will qualify for the infinity bonus pay. The percentage is based on your GV (Group Volume). For example, Vice Presidents will earn 4% GV, Senior Vice Presidents 8% GV, Executive Vice Presidents 12% GV, Presidential and Senior Presidential Directors 13.5% GV, and finally the Top Guns and Executive Presidential Directors will get 19% GV.

CTFO Review: What we like about it

> Wide product range This CBD company has everything under one roof. From pet sprays to weight loss oral sprays, CTFO offers amazing CBD products. Their products may not be FDA approved, but that does not mean they cannot relieve pain or other symptoms.

> Affordable products Compared to similar products in the market, CTFO’s products are relatively cheaper. This is partly attributed to the fact that the company’s executive team does not earn huge salaries like other MLM companies. Instead, they earn commissions like other associates. This salary savings trickle down to consumers as they enjoy cheaper products.

CTFO Shake Off

CTFO Review: What we don’t like about it

Well, no company is perfect and the same can be said about CTFO. The company’s products may offer relief to pain, seizures, anxiety, and stress. But it has not been FDA Approved, so my recommendation is talk to your doctor before taking CBD if you have concerns about taking CBD.

My Final thoughts

CTFO may have a few flaws but that does not mean it is a scam. This company is legit and has helped many distributors make money while at the same time improving the health of consumers.

However, that does not mean I recommend you join this company as a distributor. Depending on whether you have experience in sales, you can tell if you can hack it selling CTFO’s products in the US, Canada, England, Sweden, Ireland or Northern Ireland.

Remember that MLM companies usually raise eyebrows from people because of the many pyramid scams out there. Therefore, recruiting new people into your team may be a tall order, which is another way of earning residual income. At same time its free to join and give it a go, but ill leave that up to you.

How To Join Or Buy CTFO Products

If you are still interested in joining than ill leave a link below if you are interested in signing up and earning extra income promoting CTFO Products. Or if you are just wanting to try the products than the link below you can click and and you will be able to purchase products that you want.

Join Or Buy Products    

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