5 Hottest Affiliate Marketing Niches for 2018

5 Hottest Affiliate Marketing Niches for 2018

5 Hottest Affiliate Marketing Niches for 2018

As a marketer, one of the most important skills that you know could be affiliate marketing. Though it might not be the most crucial skill, such as optimizing conversations, producing quality content, and high-quality emails, affiliate marketing can bear quite a bit of success. But, the one thing that can make or break your affiliate marketing strategy is the chosen niche.

The most long-term profitable niches are evergreen niches. Evergreen niches are those that have been popular for several years or decade. Evergreen niches will not be going anywhere, anytime soon, if ever. Though the latest trends or fads might make you some quick money, they will not outwin evergreen niches.

It’s important to avoid super-specific niches, as there most likely won’t be any competition or customers, making it ultimately non-profitable. The most profitable niches are those that fall within categories that everyone wants, including wellness/fitness/health, relationships/sex/dating, and finance/money/wealth.

When looking for a niche, you have to go through a few questions to figure out which one to pick. You should…

Choose something that people are actually looking for.
Choose something specific with fairly low competition.
Choose something that you’re interested in.

With that out of the way, it’s time to get into the niches that are available for you to delve into. The online business world is notorious for changing often and quickly. However, there are several niches that continue to stay popular even as the market changes. These classic niches include the following:

Online shopping
Health and wellness
Weight loss
Weight gain
Muscle building
Expensive hobbies

These among others were popular in 2017 and will continue to be just as popular in 2018.

Health and wellness is probably the most profitable niche primarily because it has an abundance of sub-categories for affiliate marketers available. Weight loss and weight gain are popular niches for obvious reasons. Everyone is also looking to look and feel their best, and subsequently researching online to find information about products like Leptoconnect.

So, what are the five hottest affiliate marketing niches for 2018? Here is our list.

Social Media Marketing

Though social media has been around for what seems like forever, it has only started to become a favorite for marketers in the last few years. There have been countless products and information released on how anyone can market with social media. There are now even individuals who have made careers as ‘social media marketers’.

Social media offers the opportunity to carry on conversations on various topics with your audiences. It could be about teaching how to use or advertise on the biggest social networks. Or it could be about how the biggest social networking sites work. Whatever it is, you’re sure to get a lot of traffic.

3D Printing

3D Printing is an up-and-coming niche that will only keep getting better for affiliate marketers. It ensures large commissions as the interest is growing rapidly among the consumers.

A few years ago, 3D Printing was limited to the wealthy and university laboratories. In the future, 3D Printing is expected to reach every household, similar to the computer revolution. If you can jump onto the 3D printing wagon, you could capitalize on the growth and make some remarkable profits.


Nootropics seem to have grown in popularity overnight. For those that do not know, you will soon enough. Nootropics are brain-power boosting supplements. They have become very popular, especially in the education sector, as they help students to learn faster. They are also popular among professionals, who claim that they help them perform better. However, there is no proof yet over whether the pills actually work or it works as a placebo effect, but the potential is there…and it’s huge.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality has been fairly popular over the last few years with various large companies investing in the niche by releasing virtual reality gadgets. This niche has great profit potential for affiliate marketers. If you are unfamiliar with the topic, then there is a large amount of information available online to help you.


Gaming is one of those industries that has been around for decades, but it has only exploded for affiliates in recent years. Gaming has expanded greatly within the past decade with games for every device and demographic possible. Now, e-sports are available, where gamers are able to actually make a living through gaming.

As an affiliate, you can promote anything from hardware from strategy guides. You can also make a profit by selling access to game streaming services or promoting fun, inexpensive mini-games.

Whether you pick from these five new 2018 niches or one of the classic niches mentioned above, you’re sure to have a good platform to get your affiliate marketing business started. There are millions of industries and categories for you to choose from. So, pick well and stay committed.

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