Wealthy Affiliate Review Everything You Need To Know

Wealthy Affiliate Review Everything You Need To Know

Have you ever tried making money online and failed? Have you been promised it being easy to make money online and only finding out that is very hard and with so much information out there , one guru is saying do it this way and another saying do it the other way, it can become very frustrating and confusing. In this article I wanted to give you my personal Wealthy Affiliate review and all about  my personal experience from building a site to learning seo.  Also ill share what has been making me money so keep reading.

My Personal Story

I started affiliate marketing about 5 years ago and I went from following all these so called gurus that end up getting you on the free webinars and wasting your hour or two of your life just to offer their  2000 dollar training course. I am not saying that all of these courses out there don’t work,but if your like me that dose not have 2000 dollars to blow on a course that I do not know if it will help me or not I would rather keep that money and invest it into something that actually works.

I started affiliate marketing for couple reasons first I don’t have to have to much money to invest, second I can do it on my free time and be my boss. With affiliate marketing I don’t have to ship a product  and don’t have to own a product or store products. When I first got into affiliate marketing I though it was going to be easy because everyone online makes it look so easy but I figured out it takes lots of work and long nights after working a full time job. Sometimes your hard work will not pay off right away but eventually that hard work will pay off and  could even make a full time living off it just takes patience and hard work.

I found Wealthy Affiliate after I have bought course from so many gurus and wasted so much money on  a bunch of scams I decided to give Wealthy Affiliate a try and that was going to be my last effort in trying to make any money online.  I ended up joining Wealthy Affiliate as a free member and liking what I got from the free membership I went to get the yearly membership, and ever since I joined it has really changed everything for me the only regret is that I dint know about it when I started could have saved my self so much time and money.

From the time I started with Wealthy Affiliate I was able to replace my wife’s income so she can be full time with the kids. In affiliate marketing I failed over and over again and again took me about 2 years to actually finally make any money . I am not saying it will take you two years some make money within weeks of starting but at the same time depends how much time you want to invest in your own business .  That’s a little bit about how I got started in affiliate marketing but keep reading and Ill give you my personal Wealthy Affiliate Review the good and the bad.


Wealthy Affiliate Review The Good And The Bad

Right when yo login to Wealthy Affiliate you will find a really nice updated back office  where you can see members of Wealthy Affiliate helping each other out and story’s of success from other on a daily basis. On the left there you will find your dashboard pretty much where you can access all your websites your training and any other tools you might need which I will explain more about all the features that Wealthy Affiliate has.

Here is a screenshot of what a Wealthy Affiliate back a members back office looks like.

Premium Membership Vs Free Membership

When you just sign up you will have the free membership to where you can basically get a taste about what Wealthy Affiliate is and of course, it is free and you don’t have to give your credit card info or anything like that. As a free member though you will not have as much options as a premium member does. Bellow is a image comparing the two and what each one offers.

Wealthy Affiliate Features

  • Live Help, what really stands out about Wealthy Affiliate is there live help there is a community of over 100,000 people and there is some one always there to help you out if you get stuck.
  • As a premium member you will have the chance to private message other member in  Wealthy Affiliate.
  • How much websites you can have on Wealthy Affiliate is 2 if you are a free member or 50 if you are a premium member. You might think what is so different about having a website through Wealthy Affiliate? Well the answer to that is that when you are premium and purchase a domain through Wealthy Affiliate your domain comes private meaning that others people cant go into search your domain and digging up your email and phone contact info. When you have that you wont get spammed by all the marketers trying to offer you some kind of offer which gets pretty annoying. Another reason is that your website comes with a ssl meaning your site is secure most places will not offer that and if you were to buy it separate it would cost you around 79 dollars a year or more. Those two things are already worth having your site on Wealthy Affiliate  which includes hosting, website support  all included in your price that you pay monthly or yearly.
  • Web site back up is important in case anything ever happens you stuff wont get lost.
  • One of the best things on Wealthy Affiliate is the training that is provided to you, as a free member you will be able to access the free training courses but if you really want to go all out and be an expert and make money from home as a business than I suggest you go premium to get all the features and benefits of Wealthy Affiliate.
  • Live video classes is part of the premium membership to keep you up to date with the training.
  • Keyword  research plays a big role in finding the right keyword to blog about. Wealth Affiliate provides a keyword research tool for it premium members and it is one of the best keyword research tool that I have used.
  • Website feedback  is crucial especially when you need another pair of expert eyes to look over your site and give you a feedback on what you can improve on so  that tool alone rocks.
  • Website Comments is another great feature that you have and when you right blog article you can get comments from other members on your blog and in return will help with the rankings on google.
  • Another features that is on this list is web analysis  you can check your site to see how it is performing  and what you can improve to get your site to performing the way that google likes it.

Pro and Cons of Wealthy Affiliate


  • Easy To Use
  • Lots Of Features
  • Great Training


  • Might be overwhelming for beginners at first because there is a lot of information and training. But if you follow step by step training you will be fine.

Wealthy Affiliate Community

I wanted to also take a quick moment and talk about the community at Wealthy Affiliate. There are about 100,000 thousand plus members that are just starting out or have been there for a while now like me , but the cool thing about the community is that everyone helps each other out , so if your stuck and ever need any help there is always some one to lend a hand. If you ever need inspiration than Wealthy Affiliate Community will be there to inspire your with their success stories and that this business and the training actually works.

Who Is Wealthy Affiliate For

Wealthy Affiliate is for anyone that is thinking about starting their own online affiliate marketing business. It dose not matter if you are a student, young or old it is never to late to learn to do something new and reap amazing result’s when you put the work into it. If that sounds like you than I would definitely recommend you giving Wealthy Affiliate a try.

Get Free Personal Training From Me

If you decide that you want to join Wealthy Affiliate I am going to help you guys get started and even work one on one with you for those that are interested into giving Wealthy Affiliate a try

My Recommendation

To wrap things up I just wanted to say there are many courses out there, but from my experience I have found Wealthy Affiliate a great place to grow and learn dose not matter if you are a beginner or expert there is a lot of benefit to being a Wealthy Affiliate member. If you have not joined Wealthy Affiliate than I recommend you do so since its free anyways so give it a try and find out for your self. I have included a link below for those that are interested in signing up. If you have any questions or comments feel free to drop me a comment below and ill get back with you as soon as possible.


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