Make Money Online Tutorial

Make Money Online Tutorial

Interested in Making Money Online?

Today more and more people are finding freedom from being a slave to regular 8-5 job, if you ever wanted to make money online and dint know how then you came to the right place. In this tutorial I will explain what I use to make money and how I got there, so if you are interested stay around and read my make money online tutorial and,  ill try to make it very useful and interesting for you. Affiliate marketing maybe you have heard that term if not you can find it almost in all my post’s and, ill explain in this article also.


What is Affiliate Marketing and How Can You Earn Money?

To summarize affiliate marketing it is the process were company’s like amazon  pay you a website owner to promote a product or service. How those that work you might ask, well when you sign up or become an affiliate with whatever company your decide to sign up with you will receive an affiliate link and every time someone buy something through that affiliate link you make a commission. Every affiliate program pay’s different some 50 percent commission some less and some more,  and ill post some affiliate site’s later in the article  were you can get started.

How Much Can you Earn With Affiliate Marketing?

You can earn as much as you like it all depends how much work you want to put in your online business. Today folks seem to want earn money over night wish that was true but as in anything else you have to work for it, and the harder you work for it the better the result will be and the closer you will be to becoming your own boss! Affiliate marketing is not your get rich scheme like most site’s out there promising you that you will make 7,000 your first week, trust me does not work that way and there is no easy money unless you win the lottery.


If you ever want to be successful in any business either it is online business or offline you are gonna have to take the first step and start! Start is the first step and probably the most important step because a lot of folks don’t even do that and end up working 40 years of their life being stuck making some one else rich!


Your Step By Step Tutorial

If you read this far than I am guessing your still interested so let’s get down to business.

Choosing a Niche

All right this is the second step the first is to start and second is to choose what you would like to promote! This step is very important in online business so when choosing a niche think about something that you would love to write about, and do not worry if you are not a writer I am not very good at it as you can see( sorry for bad grammar). Also something to mention is not to worry if there is a affiliate program out there most of the time there is an affiliate program available for any niche you decide on.

Here is a lesson how to find a niche it is through wealthy affiliate you can sign up for free and get ten lesson’s from choosing a niche to start building your website.

Make Money Online Tutorial


In order to be successful you need to do a researcher on your niche or on any kind of keyword you write about. When I start doing my research if it is a new niche that I want to promote than I get on my jaaxy keyword tool then I kind think of couple keywords and see if those keywords will be easy or hard to rank for. Once I got that I go to google and do a serp (search engine result page) analyses on the keywords to see who my competition is, and that should give you an idea how easy or hard that niche is and most the time you can start any niche and you will be fine. Also do not worry about running out of ideas to write about in your blog because, there are new keyword everyday that you could be ranking for and getting traffic , do something you would love writing about.





Building a Website

Building a website will be our next thing and don’t worry you do not need to know any kind of html or codding because we will be using WordPress. If you are familiar with WordPress great if not than that is ok to get started if you need a free WordPress site than you can get one through wealthy affiliate and later on if you decide you want to buy a domain you can do that, but for now you can get started for free.

Make Money Online Tutorial

Buying a Domain

The difference between having your own domain and free domain is that with your own domain you get competitive advantage compared to having a website that looks like this or your own it looks more professional than if  you did not have a domain.

If you decide you want to buy a domain you can do so through Go Daddy or any other domain site that you prefer. When choosing a domain make it relevant to what your niche is. Do some research on domain names I recommend that you go with the .com  and make it relevant to your niche like I said earlier.

Your next step is to setup your WordPress account and you can watch the video here through wealthy affiliate on how to setup your site.


seting up your site


Once you get things set up next step would be to setup your all in one seo plugin that plugin will help you with your seo search engine optimization something that is very important to getting your site ranked.

Make Money Online Tutorial

Creating your first 2 pages and another two pages on whatever your niche is about and something that will be useful to your user’s

First page is gonna be about page tell a description about your self and what your site is about this helps your reader know that you are not some fake person trying to sell something to them.

Second page is going to be about privacy policy page and you can get a template in on of the 10 free lesson that I mentioned earlier.

The other pages is something that you have to come up with and do the research, and you can do that with jaaxy and get 30 free searches to get you started.


Keyword Research

Knowing how to do keyword research is a must. Keyword research is vital to your business so when doing your keyword research  I recommend using jaaxy or you can use the free keyword tool on wealthy affiliate. When looking for a keyword either using jaaxy or the free keyword tool you want to look for keyword that have 50 searches a month minimum and 300 or less competing website’s for that keyword. Also you will have to do a serp analysis where you go into google search and look up that keyword and see who is your competition to see if you can beat them look to see if those website’s are authority website’s sorta like amazon. to find out more how to do serp analyses you can read my article about getting traffic there you will find me explain the serp analyses in detail.

Make Money Online Tutorial





The process to earn money is not that hard and you can do it if you put your time and effort into it. As I showed you above those are thing that will help you earn money online, having a website and great content that drives traffic to your website will make you money! Also in order to be successful you always need to be learning and improving your site so my recommendation is you sign up with Wealthy Affiliate it is free to try  and you get something no other online course gives that is quality training that will help you become successful online. I hoped this helped some of you to get started and thank for reading my article on Make Money Online Tutorial. Any question’s or comments feel free to ask will be glad to help.

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