Is Vindale Research a Scam

Is Vindale Research a Scam

Vindale Research Scam  Is Vindale Research a Scam

When beginning to investigate Vindale Research a funny thing happened, that could easily form an initial set of opinions on the subject. Using any of the major search engines with the words ‘Vindale Research’, their main website listings come up, along with any number of reviews. These review links seem to be mixed with positive and negative commentary, neither viewpoint being expressed more convincingly.
In truth, if someone is looking for a paid online survey site, Vindale Research definitely would be one to consider joining and see for yourself how it works. Overall, the members website carries a variety of survey opportunities that pay well, while also hosting a wide range of offers, deals and member services. However, the website is known to have its shortcomings.

Vindale Research has the distinction of being one of the oldest online paid survey websites.

This article is written with the insights of having joined the official members website to investigate claims first hand, about Vindale Research being a scam. Because there are many complaints that make this claim. So many that when doing an online search for ‘Vindale Research Scam’, the company actually has a paid ad that uses those keywords for their hyperlink to join.
When evaluating the direct experience Vindale Research offers members, the website seems legitimate and worthy of a public reputation that is primarily positive. Most people seem to be fans of their daily surveys, as they are quick to complete, available everyday and pay well. So why are the search engines equally filled with people claiming the company is a scam? Well that is a little harder to assess.

Reading many reviews, the negative ones are mostly repetitions of the same type problems.

The biggest complaint would appear to be having to wait until earning $50 for a payout. This is higher than many survey companies online, being more in the range of affiliate program payout standards.
Another common complaint was members got pitched offers that required a credit card to complete.
Another big issue seemed to be unclear or misunderstood aspects the Vindale Research terms of service agreements and company cancellation policies. Even minor infringements of the TOS often resulted in cancellation of accounts, while other members didn’t understand that some opportunities required them to join services that cost money.
The only negative reviews that didn’t fall into these problem areas were complaints from people who described being scammed, but also clearly violated Vindale’s TOS in their own descriptions.

Except for one sad situation, where a gentleman claimed he violated due to sharing an Internet connection in his building, then says, “They then stated that they would mail me a check. I replied that this was not possible as I recently lost both of my arms to a disease. They said they were cancelling my account and there was nothing I could do about it. I filed a BBB report.”
This was an exception among many Vindale Research scam claims, but it did raise the issue of Better Business Bureau complaints.

A visit to the BBB website revealed this information.

In the last 3 years, there had been 41 complaints reported. These included 23 about product service 8 advertising issues, 7 billing problems and 3 delivery complaints. Of these 41 reports, only 12 had been resolved to customer satisfaction, but this isn’t that bad of an average for a huge online website like Vindale Research. The company was given an A rating by the BBB, but was not listed as an accredited business and then a potential problem came to light.
Looking up Vindale Research at the Better Business Bureau online, brought up the link to the information just described. Only instead of Vindale Research being the company listed, the BBB had their report listed under the name SayForExample, Inc.
Apparently SayForExample, Inc. is the company that owns Vindale Research. It also owns similar websites like and, possibly others. These websites sometimes dovetail and send users to each others survey opportunities, to get more bang for your buck, so to speak. Also their individual addresses are in close proximity to each other, but slight different locations in New York City, NY.
One has to wonder how many dissatisfied customers did not know the right company, address, email or phone to contact, when they had a complaint about Vindale’s services. This could be an important side note, that is potentially the root of many legitimate customer complaints. And to be fair, it is also a tactic used by less reputable companies to safely conceal shady business practices.
Which might be alright, possibly, if there weren’t other less than ethical practices from a user perspective.

In the overall evaluation, here are the worst aspects of Vindale Research, as were observable.

1. It has a parent company that isn’t clearly revealed to users of the website.
2. New users are offered tutorials that are actually referral links to other websites.
3. Some survey offers are referral links to other websites owned by the parent company.
4. Any coupon offers are only valid in the United States, not all clearly showing this to be.
5. Members receive email survey invites that are actually referral links to other websites.
6. The member website does have consistently unresolved Better Business Bureau complaints.
7. Paypal is the main payment system, so users must utilize it or have payment problems.
8. The cash out limits are $50 or more, which is unusually high for a survey website pay out.

So is Vindale Research scamming people ?

On one hand, Vindale Research has provided paying online surveys for longer than most companies and allowed many users to happily earn money. On the other hand, Vindale Research does use misleading trial offers and it is dishonest advertising themselves as a true survey website, when some offers are offsite. But when deciding between online website scams and member paying wesites, any company that pays out real money is not a scam.

All companies have a percentage of complaints, payment issues or disagreements unresolved, it is the nature of doing big level business. Vindale Research scam claims should not be ignored, but these equally should not discourage all online users from trying their services out. The best idea is to be informed with the information provided here and then see for yourself, if Vindale Research is a scam.

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