Get Paid 4 Duty Scam

Get Paid 4 Duty Scam

What is Get Paid 4 Duty

Today wanted to share a little about a site that I found called Get Paid 4 Duty and write a honest review and why you should stay away. What is Get Paid 4 Duty, get paid 4 duty is a site that claims to pay you for sending people through your referral link to them. Does not sound like a scam right? Get Paid 4 Duty states that you get paid 10 dollars for every person that clicks on your link and 25 dollars for actual referral. Also if you noticed that on top they advertise that you can earn 500 dollars today! Let me break it down for you will not make anything and no one will pay you 500 dollars to send clicks to their website.

get paid 4 duty scam

Why is Get Paid 4 Duty a Scam?

Ill explain why it is a scam, I have came across this site many time’s  but with different domain’s seems that they keep switching it because people stopped falling into their bs. Couple years ago I fell into this scam and, wanted to make money online was still in high school thinking I will make a lot of money boy was I wrong. Get paid stats that you have to get 300 dollars in order to withdraw money from your account and that is exactly what I did, the only problem is that I did not get Paid wasted my time and gave my email out to get spammed. There you go I tried it so you don’t have to, do not fall for this scam. 


To point you on the right path I strongly recommend staying away from Get Paid 4 Duty because, you will not get your money. My recommendations is to start online business in affiliate marketing something that I actually made money with and takes hard work and not a over night get rich scam. I hope this answer some of your questions about Get Paid 4 Duty Scam. If you have any question’s or comments feel free to comment below and check out my other post like learn to make money online .

Get Paid 4 Duty Scam





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