Low Start Up Cost Home Business Ideas

Low Start Up Cost Home Business Ideas

Low Start Up Business Working From Home

Today wanted to share with you a quick post on low start up cost home business Ideas that you can start for a very low . Starting a business can be very frustrating especially if you are investing a lot of money and not really making anything, a  lot of website’s try and offer deals like get rich quick. I am here to tell you that wont happen unless you win the lottery. Starting an online business takes time most of all not as much cost but more of your time, it could be time from your family or time that you squeeze out in your day  whatever it is the biggest price you will pay is time. Time is the most biggest commodity on earth because  our days are very short on the planet one day were here and another day were gone. Life will fly by so quick that we don’t realize it especially if we spend it all in a 8-5 job schedule.

Don’t Be Afraid to Start!

One of the biggest reason’s people fail in online business is the fact that they never started or the quite to quick right before something even happened. I am now 23 years old and I wish I start doing online business when I was still in high school, because I would have been way further. The biggest regret you might have is not starting something you wanted to, because after all said and done time is not on our side. You will have to start to become awesome or amazing, to reach your goals you will have to work hard if either it to spend more time with family, have money for retirement and not live pay check to paycheck loaded with debt that you can not get out of (although, of course, it’s a different matter if you’ve got the best iva with you).

What is the  lowest start up business online?

You folks probably all heard of affiliate marketing, if you did not than I will explain. Affiliate marketing  is the process where company’s pay commission to people like me and you to advertise there product on your website or social media and get paid if someone buy’s through your affiliate link. Commission can vary from 4 percent all the way up to 100 Percent depending what you are promoting.

How much does it cost to start Affiliate Marketing?

To start affiliate marketing it is free, what is not free is domain and maybe hosting depending where you want to go with that, but to start affiliate marketing you can start for free  even get a free WordPress site through some programs you can read more here how you can do that FREE WEB BUILDER.

Some cost like buying a domain which if you are going to be serious about earning a income in affiliate marketing than sooner or later you will have to get a domain, and typically they range from 3 buck and up depending where you buy it.

  • Go Daddy

I prefer Go Daddy easy to use and never had problem with them .

Hosting is another cost that you will have to consider about and like me I use go daddy or wealthy affiliate hosting go daddy is about 6 bucks a month for hosting with my WordPress account and wealthy affiliate is free if you are a member and you can find out more info about HOSTING HERE


To wrap up my post time is precious and what you do with is you’r choice, and for online business  affiliate marketing will be your best and lowest business start up, and will cost you only about 10-20 buck a year for domain , and hosting 6 bucks month and free if you have wealthy affiliate Premium account,and you can read more about wealthy affiliate and what it is all about Wealthy Affiliate. I hope this will help you out  and if not you can read my other post on Low start up Biz Ideas. If you have any question’s or comment feel free to comment will be glad to help and thanks again for reading  Low Start Up Cost Home Business Ideas.

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