How To Get Traffic For Your Site

How To Get Traffic For Your Site

Is your site dead? How To get Traffic for Your Site

Hello  today wanted to share some tips on how to get traffic for your site, especially if it is dead. Today a lot of affiliate marketers say my site will not rank or I used to rank on first page and was able to bring in a lot of traffic, but now my site is dead. Below I  will give you some tips that could help you restore your site back to life!

How To get Traffic for Your Site

Why your content is not getting ranked?  Some of the reasons why we don’t rank.


  • Though keyword
  • tough serp competition
  • seasonal niche
  • nich trend shifts

Though Keyword

The first one is though keyword is the word or phrase you are trying to rank for is it a tough keyword that will be very hard for you to rank for especially if you are not a authority site.

How to check you keyword? You can check your keyword or phrase to see how hard it is for you to rank under using a tool called Jaaxy and if you would like you can visit my older post on Keyword Research to find more information.

Tough Serp Competition

What is SERP ( Search Engine Results Page)

One very good tip for when you are trying to rank for on first page  is to actually type that word into google and see the first several website. When you get one those site some of the thing you should look for is the post or article shared socially, and most the time there will be number next to the social icon and it will say how many shares that article got.  If the article has 103 shares than you should try to aim for more than the site that is rank on first page.

How To get Traffic for Your Site



Second to look at is Comment’s does that site have a lot of comments if it does usually means it has good page authority and in order for you to rank you will need

that many if not more blog or article comments that you are try to rank for.

Third look at meta title  and meta description  does the site have a meta description and metal title with the keyword  if they don’t then that is something good already for you because if they don’t and you do you will have better chance of ranking. Good tool that is free to check meta title and meta description is Moz toolbar.

Forth  look at site authority and page authority  does that site have authority? Good example is a eCommerce site like amazon or eBay , you will usually know if it is an authority site or not just by looking at it.

Fifth how many link’s are pointing to the page

Seasonal Niche

There is a lot of time that your website dropped rank a little  do to it being a seasonal niche meaning that you promote only Christmas or other seasonal things, and once the season is over the interest for that drop until next time it comes.

Niche Trend Shifts

A Lot of time’s the niche that you are in might shift and you lose rank so that is another thing to look for is niche trend shifts.

Putting  It All Together

Now these elements that I shared above  are a good gauge to determine if your serp is hard and a way to measure what you need to do if you were to rank within that keyword or phrase. Here is a list of 5 things you should do right now if your site is dead and how to get traffic for your site.

  • Take a old post note of the rank and decide do you still want to go ahead with your site do you still have interest in writing about the niche that you are in if so follow below.
  • Remove and distractions from your page like ads and affiliate links(yes your affiliate links) dont worry you wont lose money because your not making any by having a dead site so just trust me you can add it later.
  • Add image along with a alt tag and title tag with the keyword that you are trying to rank for.
  • Add am internal link to a different older  post with anchor text.
  • Fetch as google by going to your google webmaster account, if you do not have a webmaster account you can create one it is free and it is a very important part of your website because tell google about your site. Share the post and ask for engagement, you can either use Facebook or google plus, or any other social media that you use.

Putting together a plan

Determine if it is worthwhile resurrecting the site (sometime it is better to let it go) Base this on Your serp competiton

  • Niche competition
  • Your passion

If it is a go then start writing new post’s and same time going back and doing those 5 simple steps to help revive your site back to life. Give your site couple days maybe a week to see if anything changed.  Hope this helped some of you get your site back alive and get that traffic flowing.

Thanks for reading How To get Traffic for Your Site Have a Blessed Day.

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How To get Traffic for Your Site


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