Free WordPress Site Builder

Free WordPress Site Builder

Need a Free WordPress Site to Start Your Business?

Today I will do a small lesson or a walk through on how you can get free WordPress site builder or a WordPress site with free hosting. If that sound’s good to you than keep reading.

Ill start talking about some free WordPress site’s or blog site’s that you can start for free.

First one up is Site Rubix,  it is one of my favorite’s when coming to free and with all the available themes to start you off with.  As you know if you get just a regular WordPress site through WordPress the limit to what kind of themes you can have and plugins are small with free account, but with Site Rubix which is hosted by Wealthy Affiliate you can get a free website with hosting. Also if you decide to go with Site Rubix you will also get help from community of people that will help you out if you get stuck, and step by step tutorial that will help you achieve success in your business!





Is what you get with Site Rubix and it free so why not give it a try!

free wordpress site builder


WordPress builder by  WordPress

If you do not care to much about themes or if you would rather purchase your own than you can get a free account through WordPress, you will not get all the extra options like Site Rubix but it is free and you can start your blog or website and later purchase your own domain.


Blogger is also another option that you can consider it is very simple to use and easy, you do not get much theme options but it is great for bloggers. Blogger is free to get, and with blogger if you go look around online you can find quiet a few widget’s that you can add to your website. It is not a WordPress platform but it is a great for blogging.

The Verdict

My personal recommendation is to  try Site Rubix if you want something that is free and with  a  lot of options. There are many more site’s builder’s out there but I recommend what I tried personally that is free to start and wont cost you a dime unless you go purchase a domain, than that will cost you a bit. I hope this help some of you to get a start to your online sucess  if you would like more info on how to choose a domain or hosting feel free to read my Picking a Domain and Hosting and thanks again for stopping  by.

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