Instagram Training For Your Business

Instagram Training For Your Business

Instagram Training for your Business

In this post I will be explaining why it is a good idea to utilize Instagram. after taking guidance and necessary points from . Instagram as you know is s huge social media network today. I use it on a daily basis for my business myself.  It’s free, and you can reach out to so many people, just by using target hash tags. How easy is that? Instagram is growing rapidly, has 300 million users, that is a lot of potential visitors, or yours to be customers.

Steps to get followers and content engagement

Great content and the posts/images pleasant to the eye are a must for your Instagram business account. If your content sucks  or your post is bad quality or with mistake you will not get any engagement or followers. When creating a post think quality picture and inspiring content, what I mean by that is add eye catching photos, that will not only  grab the person’s attention, but will be a good quality photograph, giving audience a professional atmosphere. If you need help services and tools from OpCentral can help you understand the trends and post accordingly. Quote, text whatever the post is, there should be no mistake, no blemish, and the picture should be the exact size as the Instagram.   This way you will at least get other people to like your post, and these instagram likes are super helpful for your account. To make your picture or post good quality, its a good idea to use a photo editor and play with the exposure brightness but not too many filters that may alter the quality of the picture.  Pic lab is a great a photo editor has the Instagram picture size set already. It’s available on your smartphone, free or you pay 1.99$ for them to remove the watermark for your posts.  Good investment and wont break your bank.  The next very important is your content. Don’t be boring, be yourself first of all. People don’t always love people who straight up sell. Put some voice into your content. Speak to your followers, engage them into conversation for them to leave comments on your post. Ask questions, even include the word “follower’s in your content if you need, thank them, love them, show them respect etc.. Your followers are important to you. Show them that! Grow your business and buy organic instagram followers.

Contests & Giveaways

If you have Instagram, you have seen businesses and bloggers, who run contests every now and then on Instagram. Why are they so convienient? Because most of these giveaways, or contests have rules to follow to enter. Usually of which are, “like our post” ” follow us” “hashtag our name in your post” repost this image”  and “tag your friends. So they not only like your post and follow you but they just gave you a huge audience! Chances are it won’t stop there! This is a huge strategy you could implement to get your brand out there, beat your competition, and way more.  The more contest’s you do the better.

Using Hash Tags #

Hashtags are like keywords. If you  are familiar with SEO, in Instagram your hash tags are your SEO. Instagram allows 30 hash tags per post. Well use them, and use the most popular ones, to get your post out there. But when using hashtags, make sure they are relevant to what your niche, your business,  or your post is. Also, hash tags stay longer in the system when they are posted in the comments, not in the caption of your post. Just FYI.

Do not give up so quickly, it is a slow process in the begging. You may get as little as one follower a day or not even. But keep posting, using these tips. It will take a while to get a 100 followers or so , but after you achieve that it gets easier. Trust me. Just post and post everyday, proofread and even tag people in your posts if needed. But don’t give up!

There is never a limit to the ways of making your business a successful one. Instagram is a way. So put some work into it if you do not yet have an account for your business, create one. Its free, free audience, and super convenient and easy to use once you get the hang of it. Post as often as you can. The more posts, the more of everything!

Instagram training for your business

3 Replies to “Instagram Training For Your Business”

  1. I always found that the best way to get “quality” followers on Instagram was to search for hashtags that are relevant to your business and “like” a few of the posts on the search results.

  2. In order to get the eyes on your business, you need to go where the eyes are and Instagram is just ONE of those places.

  3. Social media is essential in today’s day in age for success! Especially Instagram, seeing as it is arguably the biggest and most popular social media website/app currently. Great tips!

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